WHOA!! Top Secret CRAFT? [UFO-UAP] Video’s That Can’t Be Explained! 2023

Thank you, welcome back to third phase of moon, Blake. cousins, we’ve got a special episode for you tonight: a lot of Ufo videos, including an update.

We’re interviewing Dr Greer tomorrow on third phase of moon.

But right now, let’s get to the UFOs.

Watch this: what is it not playing?

Oh, in this guy yesterday, that’s right, we’ve got the Ufo videos for you.

And right now, England, there’s something going on in the skies and we’re watching it right now.

I did some enhancements and when I did it, it surprised me what I watched after this.

I can’t see any kind of conventional Wings.

This isn’t an airplane.

There’s something going on here

And I can’t explain it at the moment.

This came into my gmail right here at third phase the moon.

It’s in every single description when we upload our videos.

But after I did the enhancements, this is very bizarre.

What we’re looking at, not in him.

England, Brent, what’s going on here?

Yeah, Blake, uh, Nottingham shires lighting up with Ufo videos.

This is great capture.

She pulled it out.

We got pretty good Clarity right here and it’s hard to tell what it is.

It could be something, something.

There’s Aviation going on.

We just don’t know what’s holding this thing up in the sky.

We don’t see any Wings.

We can see kind of a distortion in the middle of the appendage of this Ufo.

It’s very, very strange.

It’s a good capture because we got good detail on it

And it doesn’t seem conventional.

It took their uh uh eyes to actually pull this off and they thought this was something that needed to be filmed, and that’s what it’s all about.

If you see something suspicious in the sky, pull your camera out and try to get the best shot so we could all look at it together.

Absolutely, we’re bringing you the Public’s evidence as it comes in Via our Channel.

Third phase of moon.

I don’t see any kind of manipulation, deception.

This is authentic.

Is this some kind of maybe surveillance, some kind of knee drone that we’re not aware of?

Something within the Uk’s assets?

Right now we can’t tell, but it’s incredible to behold again more videos coming into third phase of moon.

Buckle up, watch this.

Now it goes away.

Come on like it’s a healing in there.

It’s not going so fast though that look weird, though right there in the clouds, you still see it.

Hey, come on right, I want to see their deal.

Come on, it’s like strong, you still see that.

Look, there ain’t no regular plane, Yo.

Once again, incredible testimony from the eyewitnesses: the video: just prior we had a mother and daughter talking about the phenomenon.

Now we have a father and daughter talking about the phenomenon.

What a great way to bring in a family to look at the the spectacle of UFOs.

Right now we can’t explain to you what is going on, but we see some kind of triangular craft, illuminated, uh, traversing behind it in front of the cloud line.

There we’re trying to make out what it could be and it’s no blimp.

It’s not a helicopter, guys.

What is going on here?

This isn’t any kind of conventional drone that I’m aware of.

We’re looking at something, in my opinion, that’s clandestine technology here.

I could be mistaken, but right now I have no idea.

Brent, what’s your thoughts?

Yeah, Blake, hidden underbelly, sent this earlier today and we’re like: what is this?

And now we’re getting really good close-ups.

I was thinking maybe it could be a banner in the sky being pulled by maybe a Cessna.

But then again, the illumination on the on this object and how far off it is in the clouds- this thing’s huge.

It’s a really great capture and that’s what it’s all about.

You got a father and daughter looking at the phenomenon.

This is indeed not many populated.

This isn’t Cgi.

People like to, you know, call out people that submit UFOs and say that these guys are trying to pull a fast one.

Well in, in fact, they’re just trying to capture something that they don’t know what it is

And right now this is a fantastic captures.

It pulls over the Pole right there and traverses through the sky.

This is real, Blake, absolutely.

And some people say third phase of moon is the most entertaining channel in regards to the Ufo phenomenon.

Uh, that’s right, we’re bringing you the entertainment, but we’re dead serious about bringing you the information from the public, and that’s what’s important here.

This is: it’s fun to watch the phenomenon together in real time and we enjoy it, but we’re on the mission to bring you the latest Ufo phenomenon from the public and we’re watching it right now.

And somebody said: hey guys, take a look at this, something strange.

This one’s an incredible- um, I’m not sure, during a war zone.

We’re speculating here, but something, are you seeing this?

It seems like it’s a blast of some laser Plasmic Ray.

Not exactly sure.

Just let’s watch the uncut right now.

Man, this has been making, uh, some rounds on the internet and people said we should cover it

And we’re going to share it with you.

Some kind of plasmic blast comes over the city.

I’m not exactly sure we’re trying to lock down exactly what’s going on here.

If this is, uh, some kind of um war zone, we’re not exactly sure.

We’re just looking at something and the streak of light.

We’re not seeing any kind of deception.

This could happen anywhere around the world.

In my opinion, this kind of Technology we’re looking at at something that seems very, very uh concerning.

If you were in this proximity, what is it?

Is this some kind of new secret weapon that we’re not aware of?

We’re just speculating here.

We’re not sure, but the this video is very compelling at the moment, right,


It’s strange looking at these uh lights that approach the camera up on the top left.

It almost looks like I would say that Arizona lights.

You kind of see him approaching

And I I count maybe like four to five of them as they appear in the camera right there.

What is that?

Could that be where this uh explosion came from?

Or a laser beam or whatever technology is being released?

It seems like there’s something up there and a lot of people aren’t even asking that question.

They’re all looking at the beam where, in fact, we all should be looking up at these lights in the sky on the left.

Good observation there.

I didn’t notice that off in the beginning, but as you look up, as we repeat this, you see like one, two, three, four, five, six lights approaching.

Is this where the blast comes from?

Some people might even speculate it’s a tr3b, all I know.

This is very, uh, Bizarro Weaponry, if this is what it is, and the shriek of sound, and you can hear everybody in the neighborhood.

It sounds like the dogs are barking, obviously in the car alarms.

This is some kind of Sonic Blast.

This is strange, uh, what we’re looking at right now.

But again, we’re on top of it.

We’re bringing you the front line and, like I said earlier in the episode, we’re going to be speaking with Dr Steven Greer in regards to his upcoming disclosure, the National Press Club.

It’s going to be happening in June in Dc and Dr Greer wanted us to share with you his latest trailer for The Lost Century.

Uh, buckle up for this.

No, unidentified flying objects is an obfuscating term.

This is an alternative energy and propulsion device.

Between the late 1800s and now, the ingenious inventions and Sciences have all been ruthlessly suppressed, confiscated.

It reads like James Bond movie, but it’s real.

It happened here in the United States.

We Master gravity control here on Earth.

Not a successful.

These are projects that are off the radar even of the people who manage.

The Black Project asks me: how bad is the crisis?

I kind of don’t know where to begin.

So there’s something nefarious to put.

These Technologies would end fossil fuels, pollution and poverty overnight.

That’s pretty intriguing.

This lost Century of technologies that have existed, that have vanished, is the biggest cover-up scandal in the history of the world.

Oh, the last century in how to reclaim it again.

We’re going to be speaking exclusively with Dr Steven Greer right here tomorrow on third phase of moon.

So make sure you hit that subscription, that notification button.

We’re going to be talking about what’s going to be happening in June, Dc.

The disclosure is on in the National Press Club.

It’s going to be streaming live for free to the World on Dr Greer’s Channel as well as third phase Moon, uh, covering this topic very closely.

So make sure, once again, show your support, hit this thumbs up and tell everybody.

Dr Guerrero, third phase of moon- exclusive on third phase of moon.

We’re going to be talking about all kinds of things: whistleblowers- who’s going to come forward in Dc and let me tell you it’s going to be a wild, wild ride from what I’m hearing.

Buckle up for that.

We’ll see everybody tomorrow right here.

Third phase, thank you.

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