When a big python snake suddenly appeared on the banyan tree of Baba Vishwakarma temple, then what happened.!­čś▒

The Baba Vishwakarma Temple, located in India, is a popular destination for visitors who seek spiritual solace. However, on one particular day, visitors were in for a surprise when a large python made an appearance at the temple. The snake had suddenly wrapped itself around the foot of a banyan tree, causing quite a stir amongst the visitors.

As the news of the python’s appearance spread, people began to gather around the tree to catch a glimpse of the snake. It is said that the snake was over 10 feet in length and weighed over 50 kg. Although pythons are non-venomous, they are still capable of inflicting serious harm on humans and other animals. Therefore, it was important to keep a safe distance from the snake.

To ensure the safety of the visitors, the temple authorities immediately called in a team of snake catchers. The team arrived promptly and began to assess the situation. They carefully examined the snake and made a plan to safely capture and relocate it to a more suitable location.

It took the snake catchers several hours to safely capture the python. They used specialized equipment and techniques to carefully extricate the snake from the tree without harming it. Once the python was captured, it was safely relocated to a nearby forest where it could live in its natural habitat.

Visitors to the Baba Vishwakarma Temple were relieved that the situation was handled professionally and safely. The authorities reminded everyone to be cautious when visiting the temple and to respect the natural habitat of the animals that call the temple grounds home.

In conclusion, the sudden appearance of a large python at the Baba Vishwakarma Temple caused quite a stir amongst the visitors. However, thanks to the quick action of the temple authorities and the skilled snake catchers, the situation was handled safely and professionally. It is important to remember to be cautious and respectful when visiting places of worship, particularly when encountering wildlife.

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