UFO Hunters: Huge Number of UFO Sightings in California

Bill Birnes, I’m going to meet with Ruben Uriarte, Mufon’s Northern California state director.


He has been researching the history of UFOs in this area and has developed one of the most comprehensive databases available.

We’re going to get the really big picture of flying triangles, what they are and who’s flying them.

Robert Uriarte, We’ve been getting so many reports of sightings, an increased spike of triangles, especially, We consider, like an intersection to what we call Triangle Alley, which is from Southern California all the way up to the Washington border.

Nevada’s right next door We have Area 51, which is approximately 260 miles away.

Tonopah Air Force Base- another black budget base- possibly 200 miles away.

So the Nevada test site is only about 250 miles away.

That’s like the blink of an eye for some of the multiple mock supersonic aircraft we have In Triangle Alley.

There have been over 60 reported sightings of triangle UFOs only since the year 2000..

This is a huge number of sightings for such a sparsely populated region.

Imagine the number of sightings that have gone unreported.

Robert Uriarte, Here is a triangle now.

This is 1986,, Bill.

This was before they released the B2 Bomber.

Obviously the characteristics are a lot different.

They’re huge.

This thing went right over a freeway four lanes in width.

So where was this?


A further north up here, pretty near Corning.

What’s really interesting is this thing was just hovering

And the witnesses actually observe in detail, as you could see, over half an hour.

SONORA, CA MAY 31, 2004

This craft in Corning is similar to hundreds of other videos we’ve seen right here in Triangle Alley.

It’s three Lights– three lights that may look separate, But they’re in this rigid configuration with each other.

They hover silently in the sky, Then they shoot off at tremendous speeds.

We’ve got to find out what is the link among all these different craft.


This reminds me of Phoenix , Robert Uriarte.

Yes, All the same characteristics that we keep hearing about.

You know, they’re large, They’re silent, They make no sound whatsoever.

Lights around the perimeter.

The lights illuminated the object, Robert Uriarte.

Major light in the center, Lit up as bright as day.

When you compare planes to this, when you compare helicopters to this, they look, they behave entirely differently.

How long have these been going on, Robert Uriarte?

It goes back, probably, in the great airship sightings back in 1896, 1897, from San Francisco to Sacramento, all the way to Stockton.

Around the general vicinity There was reports from miners that were working at seeing strange objects, strange stars.

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