UFO Disappears into Thin Air! Incredible Moments Caught on Camera

Texas UFO Sighting

Unidentified Flying Objects, aka Ufo’s, have held our imagination for decades now, But why it is gaining a little more legitimacy than usual is the fact the military and intelligence community is onboard.

Over the past few years, they have come forward and basically said: these are real sightings, not computer glitches, not misidentification.

Real objects are being seen and are being captured by instruments.

We have not heard that kind of thing before in the past, And while we still wait for the government to release the reports, let’s look at some of the strangest sightings that top minds of the country are analyzing as you watch this.

Welcome to Lab three sixty: its time to rewind September 2018..

The place: Tomball, Texas.

It’s an otherwise usual evening when a group of people returned to their apartment from dinner when suddenly they saw mysterious lights in the sky.

Not one, not two, but three tear-drop shaped lights hover in the sky in some sort of a coordinated formation.

As they watch the strange lights in awe, suddenly they disappear and then re-appear almost instantly.

Nick Daily, who recorded it on his phone, told History that he was in the military and he has never seen anything like this in his entire life.

He is convinced that they are other-worldly.

Look how these suddenly disappear and re-appear again as if they are using some highly advanced technology.

What do you guys think?

UAP Found by the Chilean Military

The next on our list is a chilling event from , the South American country of Chile.

On November 11, 2014,, Chilean Naval Officers flying in the coastal sector between the port of San Antonio and Quinteros spotted a strange object in the sky.

Mind you, they were at an altitude of about 5000 feet and the unknown object was flying away from them at a similar speed to that of the helicopter.

The Chilean government kept it a secret for two years, and then suddenly they released and declassified the video evidence, along with an official report.

You can clearly see in the video that the unidentified flying object is dispersing a trail of an unknown element into the air.

But here’s the strange thing: Chilean Air Traffic Control failed to detect the object with radar and, on top of that, they received no response from the Ufo whatsoever upon trying to communicate with it.

For nine minutes they had the object captured in video before it suddenly gained speed and disappeared into the clouds, never to be spotted again.

The Committee for Studies of Airborne Phenomena- which is comprised of scientists, analysts and aeronautical technicians— studied the case and suggested that the object might be a medium-sized line aircraft, and that trail could be the reserve water inside the apparatus thrown by the crew.

This, however, was dismissed on the grounds that neither the altitude at which the object moved nor the temperature of that moment could allow for such a wave of condensation.

The Chilean military studied the incident for two whole years, but could neither identify the object nor its origin.

Cube-Shaped UFO

Finally, they catalogued it as an Unidentified Air Phenomenon and released the video to the public

The third in the list is from the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu.

In one of a kind video from February of 2020, shows an Airbus A three 20, soaring over Medellin, Columbia, over 30,000 feet in altitude, on a routine flight.

The captain is about to experience something strange.

As he points his camera out of the window, he sees a metallic-looking object flying past in a straight line.

If we zoom into it, you can see that it looks somewhat like a cube.

Scientists estimated its size to be 10 to 15 feet in diameter.

What is really fascinating here is that in 2018, a similar unidentified object was spotted by an FA-18 fighter pilot.

The pilot who took the photo, as well as the other pilot present, spotted the U A P cube “hovering” at an altitude of approximately 30,000 feet.

The Debrief said it’s possible the U A P in the photo is some kind of military radar-reflector or research balloon.

The organization said it spoke with two defense officials, however, and they described it as having flight dynamics uncharacteristic for a balloon.

Most notably, the object was reportedly completely motionless, despite ambient air currents.

Mysterious Orbs Over the Pacific Ocean

– Number 4..

This one is from September 21, 2022..

Around 9 pm on Monday, locals noticed mysterious orbs of orange light flashing throughout the sky near San Diego.

According to Nbc7, five bright, glowing lights hovered over the Pacific Ocean for nearly 30 minutes before they faded into the night and left streaks amid the stars.

The strange orange orbs could be seen from as far as Carlsbad and Tijuana, Mexico.

Try as they might, locals were unable to make sense of what they had seen.

The Nbc7 tried to reach out to multiple branches of the Us Military to inquire a possible explanation for the orange orbs, but they were unable to verify any information.

Four: This video is from late 2021, where unknown objects were spotted flying over Illinois.

The video shows several dots of light soaring in the night sky.

The lights make different formations while floating through the sky and as the person videotaping them zooms in, they disappear.

Strangest UFO Sighting of 2022

Number Five: This one’s the strangest.

You will be wondering throughout the video what these mysterious lights are.

And then… On September 1, 2022, strange lights lit up the sky in the Round Rock area of Bushy Creek.

At first, the lights looked to be in a formation and then suddenly they zoom off, not to be seen again.

Experts believe that it could be drones, but drones do not travel so fast….

Have you ever seen something like this?

Let us know in the comments below.

Moving on to number six, we have got the three infamous videos released by the Pentagon in 2020..

We are clubbing them together into one Watch… Number 6.. It was August of 2013..

The location: Aguadiya, Puerto Rico.

UFO Split in Two

The Us Customs and Border patrol took off for a routine mission.

Shortly afterwards, they saw a strange light coming towards them.

Taken off guard, the pilot immediately turns on the thermal imaging camera.

The million dollar camera mounted on the plane immediately picked up the culprit: A metallic sphere chafing the air as it moves at an incredible speed.

Then the object headed over towards the ocean.

Let’s zoom-in and get a clear understanding of what’s going on in here.

We can see here that the object splashes down and disappears under the water for a split second… And then something strange happens.

The object re-merges, but it’s split into two.

Let’s watch it in slow motion.

After staying in the air for some time, the object suddenly disappeared, never to be spotted again.

When experts reviewed the footage, they found out that the thermal signatures of the object doesn’t match with anything that we know of Balloons, birds, drones.

Or even a man-made aircraft was ruled out due to the object’s strange characteristics.

Whatever it was, experts concluded it wasn’t from any place here on earth.

Shape Shifting UFO

Seven A shape shifting Ufo captured on camera by a passenger on a plane looking out the window.

This was filmed in June of 2021..

Watch how this thing shape-shifts.

What could this thing be?

Let us know in the comments below.

UFO Spotted on 4th of July

Number 8..

This one is from July 2015..

The location: Alamance, North Carolina.

During 4th of July celebrations, a man notices a mysterious object in the sky.

This could be anything right, But here’s when it gets weird.

Two things start to come off of it And immediately afterwards it splits again, And on top of that, it was pulsating too.

Glowing UFO

And finally, number 9..

This one is from November 2020..

The place is Cornwall, England.

While recording a beautiful Sunset, a man captures something that has even the scientific community baffled.

A glowing Ufo is seen moving horizontally across the sky.

Then it levitates there for a split second… and then shoots up into the sky at an incredible speed.

Watch it again: 3000 feet in less than a second.

Humanity has not reached such a technological marvel then.

Who is operating this thing?

What do you guys think?

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