Two puppies got into a hole with a cobra. But what this cobra did cannot be expressed in words!

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This amazing story took place in the Indian state of Punjab.

The owner of the puppies said that he missed the animals and searched for them around the house for a long time.

Finally, from the direction of the jungle, he heard the barking of a dog.

The man went to the backyard, which ended in thickets, gradually turning into the jungle.

Here he saw a deep well dug in time immemorial.

The puppies sat in the very corner of the pit.

They were frightened because a king cobra coiled nearby – the man recalled the chronology of events.

To his surprise, the snake did not show any aggression.

On the contrary, the Cobra specially protected them.

In the corner of the well, its other edge was filled with groundwater.

The owner was not afraid to go down.

The cobra, as if understanding the intentions of the man, crawled away.

The puppies and the snake were brought to the surface – the snake was released into the jungle, but the dogs returned home.

This story proves once again that even the most dangerous creatures on Earth know what it means to help another creature when it is in danger.

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