Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Smartphone Camera Proving Aliens Exist

In today’s video, watch the recent Ufo sightings that defy our logic and why the government is refusing to hand over the evidence to the public.

When the pandemic was at its peak and the world under a lockdown, our skies started to turn Clearer- clear enough to see which otherwise escapes our eyes due to the fog of light pollution.

During that time, New Yorkers reported nearly twice as many mysterious sighting than usual.

Sightings of unidentified objects in 2020 nearly doubled there from the previous year to about 300, according to data compiled by the National Ufo Reporting Center.

They also Rose by about 1 000 Nationwide to more than 7 200 sightings.

The pandemic had more people scanning the night skies, not only because people had the time, but also because of the Pentagon.

That’s right.

The government Declassified three videos of such sightings in 2020, and let me tell you they wouldn’t have done it.

The truth is, they were left with no other choice but to release the videos, and I will tell you why.

But first here are the three videos back to back, just in case you have not seen them.

Okay, Oh my gosh, dude, there’s a whole Fleet of them.

Look on the Asa.

Oh my God, they’re all going against the wind.

The wind’s 120 knots.

What do you think?

Do you believe that this is all that the government has to share with us?

Well, apparently there is a behemoth of these Ufo videos that the Us Navy would not share with the public: to lab 360..

It’s time to explore.

The Navy just admitted that it has a lot more footage of UFOs, but won’t share them anytime soon.

Yes, the Us Navy holds unseen videos of unidentified flying objects, but will not release the footage publicly because it would harm National Security.

A Navy spokesperson said the admission came in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the government transparency site, The Black Vault, requesting that the Navy now turnover any and all other videos related to unidentified aerial phenomena.

This was two years ago.

More than two years later now, the government responded with a letter that both confirmed that more Ufo videos exist and denied the request to turn them over due to National Security concerns.

The release of this information will harm National Security as it may provide adversaries valuable information regarding Department of Defense Navy operations, vulnerabilities and or capabilities.

Gregory Cason, deputy director of the Navy’s office, wrote in a response letter: no portions of the videos can be segregated for release cases.

The Navy deemed it possible to officially release the footage without further damage to National Security.

Cason wrote: okay, so basically the footages were leaked and the government had no choice but to declassify them.

So does that also mean that the recent strange sightings, which they claim to be hot air balloons or military drills or drones, could be more than that?

Let’s look at some of the very recent Ufo sightings.

This one is from September 21st 2022.. around 9pm on Monday, locals notice mysterious orbs of orange light flashing throughout the sky near San Diego.

According to Nbc 7, five bright, glowing lights hovered over the Pacific Ocean for nearly 30 minutes before they faded into the night and left streaks amid the Stars.

The strange orange orbs could be seen from as far as Carlsbad and Tijuana, Mexico.

Try as they might, locals were unable to make sense of what they had seen.

It was just hovering for about a good two minutes and these lights were four big rectangles and almost like pulsating.

After two minutes it just disappeared.

It was almost like I wouldn’t say it flew away, it just blipped, shared one of the locals.

The Nbc 7 tried to reach out to multiple branches of the Us military to inquire a possible explanation for the orange orbs, but they were unable to verify any information.

The next video is from late 2021, where unknown objects were spotted flying over Illinois.

The video shows several dots of light soaring in the night sky.

The lights make different formations while floating through the sky and as the person videotaping them Zooms in, they disappear.

The lights traveled towards Lake Michigan and, according to Ufo sightings daily, there is a good reason.

The lights headed towards the lake.

They said that Lake Michigan, which is known for its incredibly deep and cold water, is the same location that many believe holds an alien base below the lake floor.

Many UFOs have been reported to come and go from this Lake, which makes it something of importance to aliens there, and what is more important than their base.

Interestingly, a lot of recent Ufo sightings have been made near water bodies.

We have made a full video on it.

Do check it out.

I’ll put the link in the description for you to watch.

Moving on, this one’s the strangest.

You will be wondering throughout the video of the mysterious lights.

Are actually UFOs?

And then boom.

On September 1st 2022, strange lights lit up the sky in the Round Rock area of bushy Creek.

At first, the lights look to be in a formation and then suddenly they zoomed off, not to be seen again.

Experts believe that it could be drones, but drones do not travel so fast.

At least, I have never seen one that does that.

Have you, and what do you think of these sightings?

Why is the government not releasing the other videos?

Are the extraterrestrials already here and the government knows about it, or they were always here and it is only now that they have decided to make their presence known, and that too frequently?

What do you guys have to say?

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