This Natural Phenomenon Really Appears & Was Recorded on Camera, But It’s Impossible to Explain the Cause of Its Appearance!

Hai, hai, semuanya balik sama calon sarjana.

In this world there are many strange events that can be explained using logic and science.

But there are some natural phenomena that are so strange, guys, even experts can explain this.
Curious, willing to red like what?

Yes, let’s get straight to it, guys, present it

Some of the

strangest natural phenomena that are really hard to explain.

Solo, see you soon.

Prepare the Alifatien video lyrics, apparitions in a storm.

Who is a lion surprised when in the middle of a storm there is a sighting of a sonkey like this that went viral To Guys and made netizens

excited because of the sensation

It’s already like the apocalypse of the movies.

The yellow eye light video was recorded by the mcleod channel with a duration of 1 minute 20 seconds.

It turns out that after investigating the task Hi, this is just a recorded video. Add the same

After Effect 3D to show their quality as well as their skill is creating cool videos.

We can also read

that and your video description, the footage is the result of shredded visual effects with a 3D animation model, while the original footage is just a view of heavy rain taken from the early tolerance office window.

Usually, if there are traces of smoke above the clouds, it must be

because the jet plane has run out through the sky.

It’s just that the trail of smoke that is in the southern part of England makes people confused.

Guys, because Asep appeared mysteriously for no apparent reason.

Residents there even thought that the cloud was a former jet training or rocket experiment and the like, because according to the sws report, there was a testing base belonging to the British Ministry of Defense in the vicinity of the incident.

But this

defense official there was even Gato. where is the smoke coming from?

Very strange, isn’t it?


Super artificial red light in Paris.

Usually UFO sightings occur in remote areas such as outside the city.

But who would have thought that in Paris there are actually red lights that fly at night?

Guys, made in August 2016, a husband and wife wanted to get out of their car and suddenly the two of them saw a bright red ball floating in the sky.

When I saw one of them, I immediately recorded the incident and no, guys, this isn’t a traffic light.

The problem is that

red light can move here and there.

Unfortunately there are no reports that say about other eyewitnesses and until now no one has been able to explain this.

Yes, yes, is that a UFO string, trick, camera or some other light?

We can’t explain.

After all, yes, guys, God walks on the clouds in July 2018 and then again the sightings on the Horizon made the world excited.

Guys, the incident that was tested the day after tomorrow, abbhama, clouds, clouds have covered the Sky of the City and you could say a storm will

come soon.

A citizen named

Solo dolo It just so happened that I was recording a view of the sky there.

Guys, at first there was nothing in the sky.

But when the camera was pointed at the light on the horizon, a shadow appeared that resembled a person walking abruptly.

Solo was shocked and said that it was a figure of God being

Run early to calm the storm.

Reportedly, even atheist people are made speechless by adding in this video – until now there is no

detailed information whether this video was edited or not, what is clear, this sighting makes everyone pretend the city at the beginning of the city is floating in the clouds.

It’s already become something that often appears in movies, but the people of vossen, Quang Tong province, their view, isn’t that, guys, if they are, they’re even a city, floating in their own area.

Hi, even here, a few days later a similar thing also happened in Chiang province, and there wasn’t just one eyewitness.

The problem is that there are lots of guys who have seen, even up to the point of being proof, that this incident turns out to be yes, even though it seems

impressive, it doesn’t make sense and it’s also very fictitious, but use the weather to explain that

This incident is a Superior Mirage phenomenon, while ordinary mirages are at most just optical-visual illusions that make an object in the distance appear to change or even turn upside down.

Usually this optical illusion occurs when Ema’s temperature or air temperature is at its highest.

Only if this one is even bigger, guys, it could be that one

If you look at it, it’s only the actual city. but even though it has been explained scientifically.

Keep it up. there are people who think that this is a sign of the apocalypse or that another dimension portal is

currently opening.

But if it’s melodious, why can this happen, guys?

There’s more behind this, guys, a phenomenon that happened in Italian agropoli and made a lot of people excited.

Loh, yes, how about no?

Wong, suddenly there was a breakthrough. The light in the clouds was shaped like the light when Jesus was on the cross.

Incidentally an Italian artist named Alfredo lo grosso saw this phenomenon in the sky and immediately took a photo of the scene to share on his Facebook.

Guys, many people say that the light is a sign of the coming


Loh, especially if you look at the year around, the light is really thick.

Really, the light doesn’t penetrate the other clouds as well as the smoke.

Oh, the entire population of substance, or rather in the capital city of Lahor, suddenly felt confused.

Najwa was shocked when she saw a black cloud above their heads.

A sinister sight coming from the clouds


This o-shaped managed to seize many people to the point of fear

Nong Poy Syahadah appeared.

If these clouds, guys, are evil beginnings that are actually the way to go to hell or caused by alien


Although until now the cause of its appearance is still a mystery.

But in my opinion, the reason for using it makes sense, that, guys, because it exhausts smoke from the factories around it.

Just so you know, this strange incident has also occurred on assignments in several other places, such as Chicago and also British rice glue intense.

Anyway, that’s enough for today, see you in the next video, bye er.

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