This Island is Full of Thousands of the Most Venomous Snakes.!! These are the 4 Terrible Snake Islands in the World

But who would have thought that there are also islands in the world that are more inhabited by snakes than humans.

There are even those where the venomous snake population reaches thousands of islands. This is very dangerous, so that the public is prohibited from entering.

But some shops are inhabited by tame snakes, so visitors can play with them casually.

Well, this time we will discuss the terrible snake island in the world.

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Il HD qua imada Grande, Brazil.

This is the famous snake island in the


Ilha De queimada Grande is located in the territory of Brazil.

This island is inhabited by so many venomous snakes.

One of them is the golden lancehead snake or Botrop insularis, a species of Viper whose poison is believed to be the deadliest in the world.

There are so many shops, that in every meter there are 3-5 snakes hanging around.

Ouch, very dangerous,


Ilha De queimada Grande may not be open to the public because

Protecting the existence of the UM as well as protecting visitors, considering that this island is really full of the deadliest snakes in the world.

In general, the shops that are allowed to visit are

researchers and biologists.


Snake Island Bima, Indonesia, Snake island in the world, there is also one in Indonesia, precisely Wiradesa Pai District, Bima Regency, eastern part.

This place is only about five hundred meters from the mainland of Sumbawa Island. There is a legend

circulating on this island: your shop, here.

This island is a Portuguese ship that was stranded in the waters where, while the snakes are the incarnation of the crew of the ship.

Well, friend Az, you are full of venomous sea snakes, but the unique thing is that they are tame so that visitors can relax playing with them.

But you still have to be careful, OK, friend, don’t hurt them.

Shadowland China, CD oil n is located off the liaoning Peninsula, China, near Dalian City.

This island is home to several species of venomous snakes, such as PicSay Pro Sadau

Island or Blow Shadow inches, as well as other island snakes.

This species has evolved to have a stronger poison to catch their main source of food, namely birds, and not just anyone can enter this island. shop.

Usually only biologists are allowed, because the island is also a place for ecosystem research.

Macedonian duet golems come home.

This one snake is in the middle of a Macedonian party lake called Golem duet, which means big Sandy beach, fourtris and is also known as Snake Island.

You can find these reptiles perched on rocky trees to all the gaps of this island and the types that are commonly found

Is No Sounds by four, which is venomous.

Visitors who come to this place must be careful when stepping so as not to step on a venomous snake.

And cool friends, there are indeed snake islands in the world that can be visited, but you still have to be careful so you don’t disturb and hurt the snakes.

For islands that cannot be visited, you should not be desperate to enter Ye-Seul.

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