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Competition in the natural world is fierce.

When the line between the Hunter and the hunted is too thin, you’re choosing the wrong prey.

The hunter will have to pay a heavy price, possibly even their own life.

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This is why stupid prey challenges the king Cobra and leads to a brutally tragic ending.

Snakes are animals that have no ears or noses, but they are very sensitive and can hear and smell odors from afar.

Some snakes can still attack passing prey with Incredible precision.

Foreign, they are animals with innate hunting instincts from birth and their victims rarely know that they’re coming.

They possess very powerful biological weapons, fangs and Venom, but there are still many unknowns about this reptile famous in the family of snakes.

It is impossible not to mention the king Cobra.

King Cobras can see well in the dark, foreign, so they can hunt at night.

They detect and search or prey using heat from the creatures they are hunting.

Specifically, the snakes convert the difference between the ambient temperature and the victim’s warm body into an electric signal that leads the snake to the location of the prey.

With a long and slender body, the African black cobra is the fastest in the world and also one of the most ferocious.

When Disturbed, this hot tempered animal often responds with the most fierce and Powerful response.

It can attack people or other animals from the bushes with agility and accuracy in all directions, with the fastest movement.

When it feels threatened, it raises one third of its body off the ground and confronts its enemies directly.

It also emits menacing cries.

When they have persistent hunger, they are not afraid to go to war with their fellow snakes.

Cobras can hunt throughout the day.

With their outstanding body size, the king Cobra quickly strangles its enemies without waiting.

The king Cobra began to Devour the prey right at the sea.

But do they have an enemy that possesses a poison filter and have the hunting ability to kill them?

Does the Cobra have enemies or not?

A fairly common animal in Africa, they often hunt snakes for their favorite food.

They are reptiles that have eaten all types of snakes, including venomous snakes.

Many poisonous snakes have become their food, even rattlesnakes with large size.

It can be said that the monitor lizard is one of the creatures obsessed with snakes.

Many people believe that the monitor lizard is immune to snake venom.

However, the fact is that some studies prove that it is still unclear how monitor lizards fights, named Venom most likely.

The lizard’s skin is so hard and thick that the cobras fangs can’t penetrate to pump the Venom into its body.

While eating, the monitor lizard also closes its eyes so that the Cobra can’t attack it with such an advantage.

The monitor lizard is not afraid to rush into battles to kill poisonous snakes, but this time it made the mistake of underestimating its prey.

It was a king cobra that was much larger in size than the monitor lizard.

When facing a predator king cobras trying to act like tough guys, they will expand their ribs and muscles on both sides of their necks to create what’s called a hood.

The lizards showed immense strength as it dragged a snake up the road.

As time went on, we can see that the lizard’s strength was flagging and at one point they both Tangled Up bite wounds on its neck and was covered in venom.

Despite this, incredibly, the lizard was still able to escape the snake’s Jaws a couple of times and make a swift exit, thank you.

Unfortunately for the lizard, the snake caught up with it again and went for it one more time, and the lizard eventually stopped moving.

The lizard remained motionless on the road, except for a couple of flicks of its tongue.

The monitor lives that has finally become a meal for the king Cobra.

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