Hi, now it’s more ah, Wow, uh, uh, my eyes might be the right fit for snacks, enter this too, read this, it’s unique.

OK, guys, happy birthday, good afternoon.

So, today we are going to dismantle the python’s nest and today we are going to the back because this afternoon we were informed by someone more than Mother, who said it was killed, Bang, but we didn’t know what was in it, we didn’t look at it, we monitored it.

Today too Before, we will pass from the front with us will,

Oh, heading to the valley or what’s called the Tiara of the swamps.

Friends, we especially did this before, because there was old Ayu earlier, the women said that there they had also met a snake going there, friends earlier there were mothers who had er mushrooms, so now it’s like this, these are mushrooms, bulbs , if in front of us

This pentol is very tasty, sautéed, fried, calf, fringe, really delicious, try this mukbang, friends with termites.

Well, God willing, later when we finish disassembling this, we will be able to make it

Eating mushrooms along with what’s my name, discovery, so those people are looking for you, Oh, disassembled, only found uncovered, there are mushrooms like bulbs, you know, you know, right, that, my friend, it turned out to be a snake black so here, friends, wow, ice, tea here he goes from there to the hole there, popularity, not pythons, guys, the ticket, if it’s black it’s like a dead cobra, right, because the place is not bad, we don’t bring a flashlight.

Also try Too we discuss the center, so it’s a bit difficult.

Try us

PHP is waiting for you, the camera is still safe.

It’s the same, this, the weather is actually already five o’clock, friends, but the weather is already bright.

We’re close, hopefully.

Well, this, this is actually here.

Well in this, it’s sound fast.

Pythons are actually friends too, only earlier they said there was a black snake heading here.

Well, this too.

So, you know what it’s called, here, this is called under, under, friend Joe, it’s getting late again, we have to hurry, If I’m from the original class, Hi.

Well, friends, so it was sent.

Oh, it’s the season again, mushrooms, sage or mushrooms, mushrooms, caterpillars, the same, oh, there’s a lot of this, if the dragon eats it, let’s try it. why, Oh, why does the python like the upland places? because below is the valley or rambutan or the name is rawayan.

Look there are swamps and Farid is in the middle, so there are lots of rockets in the swamp

Once event.

When a short python or a buntet snake, if we say: yes we, I’m not talking about a dipong snake, when a kendang snake, yes, the boss himself said if it’s a buntet, yes, so I even made these words, because it has a tail short and big.

Well, Wow, the valleys are very steep, so there are tons of clodies there.

If we go there, we have to wear shoes, what’s it called long boots, my friends wear long sleeves.

Once there were so many animals such as cobras, Young’s plastic snakes and long pythons, or we got sticky eruptions, my friend, we enchant them, continue, don’t forget the crazy basement first. yes, this location is very somber, so deep, that, very deep with the picture of the shoes, be careful, slowly disturb those in the vicinity, what’s the name there too, what’s the name wait, so wait, we’ll be there.

But before we see here all the way, he, Gini, That’s why, when it used to be like this, thank, Hi, well, cash, boss, now that’s it, guys, Wih, pure territory and this, Wow, it turns out, Salman, Wow, here, friend, here, the mushroom, look, that’s a seed, the mushroom is really big, introduce me, friend again, so let’s try to dismantle it. I’m so happy, I, here, Woi, O Allah, uh, friends, well, Wow, it’s a movie again, here, now, here, Hi, now, guys, Oh, so this is our heart, what time, friend, valve, really cool, trade, No, this, well, the difference is, if it’s an easy pest, to the old one, that’s it and that’s it, uh, the tail or the butt is a bit black, hitting this vehicle can’t be eaten.

Usually you eat it, uh, the stems, we throw them away, and these stems are still delicious, friend, what does this taste like, chicken meat, yes, a bit tough, that’s it.

So this can be obtained, so that it can’t be written down, it can be at Kapanlagicom, the same at, especially for theses, theses, chairs, anything, crispy, crispy, how come it’s a crisis, tomorrow we will mukbang, Yes, but today we want to see the nest that I found a graduate earlier, I was immediately happy, we threw it away, because there are still many here that could have this event, a lot, if the mushroom is with Hi, film catfish Mahmud, in general, ask, Earlier the women under it, tea mushroom, here, so this is used earlier with the ladies, what, Don’t check it, He said, go in, repeat, try zooming in, look at it, What, you, Bang, it expands, whatever, hole, that, then, now this is used, Eh, this is used want to enter the snake, and he is here melin

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