This Deer raises the BEAR on the horns! Caribou – The embodiment of strength and speed!

Amazing animals that go on a journey of a lifetime, But there are many obstacles in their way, both in terms of the violence of the elements and the persecution by the most dangerous and skilled predators.

These ungulates are one of those who are able to stand up for themselves and will fight to the last breath.

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Reindeer are typical inhabitants of the tundra and taiga of Eurasia and North America.

Being incredibly strong and hardy, they are the main nomads among all land animals.

Every year, in search of juicy pastures, ungulates cover a distance of up to 5,000 km.

These animals have to overcome the most difficult trials, from snow storms with piercing icy winds to raging mountain rivers, and only the strongest and most enduring are destined to go through the difficult path to the end.

However, natural vagaries are far from the only problem of wanderers, because all their lives they are under the scrutiny of predators.

Wolves tirelessly follow nomadic herds because deer are their favorite prey.

With a two-meter body length, the weight of an adult male can exceed 200 kg.

All this, together with incredible speed and endurance, makes such a goal unattainable, including for an experienced, close-knit flock.

Even well-honed tactics fail.

Two wolves drive the herd to the third, which is hiding in an ambush In search of vulnerable individuals.

He cuts the crowd into two parts, but these animals can change direction in the blink of an eye and maintain speed for many kilometers.

So even with the closest approach, the hunters’ plan is not feasible.

Among trees, ungulates are more vulnerable.

They are afraid of an ambush.

Therefore, in case of danger, animals tend to go out into the open.

Poor hearing is compensated by excellent eyesight and sense of smell.

Therefore, in case of alarm, the herd can leave behind any predator.

But due to the large number, hunters always have plenty to choose from.

From birth, life presents a deer with a serious test.

Already in the first minutes after birth, the baby must learn to stand on its feet.

He has only a few hours to master the rapid movement, and such a hurry becomes the key to survival.

The herd will not wait for stray individuals, which may result in immediate persecution by the main predators of the north.

In this difficult time, even loners have every chance of successful fishing.

At such moments, the calf is completely helpless, but the connection between mother and calf is incredibly strong and she will not leave him, even in the most difficult situation.

Sharp horns are used, but hard hooves become more terrible weapons which, under the weight of the body, can cause serious injuries.

The gray hunter can only flee.

An angry female would easily overtake a wounded animal, but her main goal is to protect her offspring, and she fulfilled it in full.

It is worth noting that the female reindeer are the only ones from the family who wear heavy weapons on their heads, although they are inferior in size to the luxurious horns of males.

In addition to protect offspring, the mother has a special dance in her arsenal, designed to switch all the attention of enemies to herself.

But the larger the herd, the more panic seizes the ungulates at the sight of a predator, And this is the best moment to choose the right target.

Wolves are fast and hardy, but even at a speed of 60 km / H, the calf fights to the last for its life.

As a result, the reduced distance increases again over time and the wolf loses the exhausting race.

Brown bears are omnivorous and, given their gigantic size, they will never miss a chance to attack such prey.

But slender, long-legged ungulates effortlessly leave massive predators behind so they can only claim sick or weakened animals.

Of course, less nimble cubs can also get hit in the field of view.

However, even the kids are excellently prepared for the sprint, and not every hunter will keep up with them.

Another thing is if a wounded deer is encountered on the path of a clubfoot, An incredible sense of smell from afar catches, the smell of profit.

But even in such a situation it is a fight full of desperation.

On the one hand – an adult male who clings to life, on the other – an exhausted bear with cubs which, in case of defeat, are doomed to starvation.

But the mother feels the weakness of the animal, so she is ready to go to the end.

The horned giant puts his weapon to work with incredible pressure.

He rushes to the offensive.

But in a fight with such an opponent, the forces quickly leave the deer, Even with severe wounds.

The bull fights to the last, but his death will give life to the whole family.

So the she-bear brings the matter to the end.

Not only terrestrial predators carry a mortal danger to offspring.

With a wingspan of over two meters, the white-tailed eagle can easily take on a calf.

And even if the first attack was not successful, it does not cost him anything to turn around and deliver a deadly blow again.

Against such gigantic claws and a powerful beak there is no effective defense.

But if reindeer have every chance to escape from predators, then the violence of the elements will not spare either the strong or the hardy.

Avalanches are not the most frequent occurrence in the life of these animals, but nevertheless many wanderers die under the thickness of snow.

Every year.

With the onset of autumn, the strongest bulls lower their magnificent horns and enter the battle for the right to procreate.

An incredibly massive and branched headdress testifies to the excellent health of the male, and he has every chance to pass on his genes to future generations.

Endless battles exhaust the animals.

For the entire period of the rut, the male can lose a third of his weight, which ultimately makes him a very vulnerable target.

Reindeer herds are among the largest among ungulates.

Despite this, hunting and agricultural development have significantly shaken their population and today some subspecies are in a very vulnerable position.

In general, the species is quite prosperous, but in just a quarter of a century the number of these majestic animals has fallen by 40%.

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