THE VILLAGE RESIDENTS ARE HOT! The Sacred Hill Suddenly Melts & Releases Terrible Phenomena, What Signs

Recently, a number of natural phenomena have been appearing on earth.

Mysteriously, some of these phenomena often trigger panic and uproar in society.

In addition, these phenomena often appear unexpectedly and haunt local residents.

Well, friends, of the many events on this earth, here are some of the terrible natural phenomena that shocked the world.

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Fallen valley is a mountainous area in northeastern Pakistan, Hunza Valley, a popular tourist destination in Pakistan.

On December 6, 2021, the climbers were shocked by a terrible natural event.

Judging from the video circulating debris and dust clumps descending from the summit.

At first they thought it was a volcanic eruption, but there was no volcano there.

It was just a giant avalanche sliding down the mountain.

Hikers who are at the site of the volcanic incident and are scared.

Luckily, they made it back safely after the incident.

The video was uploaded on social media and received various comments from netizens.

United States and running.

Sangtan Village is a small community in Hualon County, China.

It is known that more than 2000 people live in the area and call the village home. Unfortunately, Shang Ta is located in a valley between two hills located along the hillside, making this area prone to landslides.

On September 6, 2022, a massive mudslide crept towards the Village, but not like a landslide

The awesomeness we’re used to, this one moves more like a steady stream of lava.

In the

circulating video, it shows the seconds of the hill walking and moving to bulldoze whatever is underneath.

This incident caused the road to be covered with material so that it could not be passed.

Luckily the motorists and passing residents realized when the child suddenly fell slowly.

Several people were seen running away from the incident.

There were no fatalities in this incident, but severe traffic jams occurred as a result of the road closing its blinds and

collapsing stones.

Jamu is a city in India.

This city is located in the north, precisely in Jamu and Kashmir.

Landslides are common in this region near the Himalayas. in 2019 ago the residents were shocked.

Suddenly a large rock on the cliff suddenly collapsed.

Locals in caba town

watched Gang Rian as the rock fell.

They are historical and frightened.

The video that was recorded by local residents shows this large rock rolling from the cliff towards the valley.

Luckily there were no casualties in this incident, but the local government suggested

evacuating to a safer place, because something similar would happen again on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

In the Majalaya area, West Java, there was heavy rain and strong winds which caused landslides.

Several cars and motorcycles were buried in the landslide, but there were no victims in this incident. From the video uploaded by the Instagram account @ info West Java, the seconds recorded when the landslide hit the swimming pool parking area, a mound of land that collapsed and hit a number of four-wheeled vehicles was depicted.

From the

information uploaded by the video, it was stated that there were no fatalities due to the landslide disaster in the swimming pool parking area.

The cliff flower suddenly collapsed on Jalan Raya Jamu, Sri Nagar, India.

This incident sparked panic among residents and motorists.

When this incident occurred, many residents and motorists.

When this incident occurred,

many vehicles were passing.

In. The video circulating shows the horrific seconds when a cliff on the side of the road collapses.

Instantly the ground hoards whatever is around it.

The video recorded by this resident went viral and generated various comments from netizens.

Well, that was some terrible natural phenomena that shocked the world.

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