The Scariest Bite Of The World’s Most Dangerous Bug Scares Millions Of People

Friends in the world with many species of mistresses are bad and they adapt. They do not respond to changes in the surrounding environment as insects are considered harmful animals because they are as good as disease and spoil the environment. food products.

In addition, there are insects that are extremely small but are a threat to human life.

The Way She Returns To Decide Find out what types of mobs are the first spots in i10 Asian Wasps.

If you think that the pain of being stung by a bee is the end.


Once seated, you certainly won’t want to fight the giant Asian Wasp.

The Asian Doll was the largest and probably one of the most ferocious of its kind.

They are drunk to about 5cm with wingspans 7cm and have an outer quarter about 2cm long to inject venom and victims, although insects are the main scent.

But the worrying thing is that humans are no exception.

Every year in Japan about 40 people die from being attacked by Spa giant wasps.

In addition, they can also kill 40 honey bees within 1 minute and tens of thousands, and within a few hours, they will fly at a speed of about 40km h to search for the next victim.

That’s why a project insect is on the list of small and dangerous animals.

Now it’s time for the avatar the creepy creature in this photo is a giant water bug and 10,000 times you shouldn’t mess with eggs.

In 2018, one of these bugs had a serious problem when the US National Park had to warn Cong Sinh.

Keep an eye on it’s nickname, toe-biters that grow up to 10 cm long can’t cause a pretty serious bite that while it’s not venomous, it’s a lot. human remains the most painful bite among insects What39 Long-tailed black scorpion Scorpions are always

dangerous animals no matter how small they are.

If you don’t believe it, try learning about the rising-tailed scorpion from South Africa, which often sees this giant black scorpion up to about 13 cm long with a long tail and small colored pincers.

Don’t let the slow hearts fool you, the smaller they are, the more active they are and instead of making it easy and quick, they will mold their venom around the bite area by a few centimeters. 

This scorpion is one of the most venomous animals in South Africa.

They are common across land, bush and arid areas of South Africa and tend to be more active after rainstorms and at night during hot days hidden under dead branches.

That means people are more at risk to collect wood pulp after learning about this scorpion, for example, you won’t be in a hurry to plan a trip to Southern Africa right away. 

Oh yeah yeah. A8 gets a black widow.

This 8-legged addict has appeared countless times on the list of schools he visits.

You already know how dangerous it is, but we still want to ask you that if you happen to see a spider anywhere in North America with a black body and red patches on the brain, one of the The most dangerous and poisonous spiders about oversized hearts.

The lamp has a pre-count because of the dead already.

And this spider biting people is extremely rare, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some terrible side effects at first it is 15 times stronger than rattlesnakes and me and a series of symptoms quickly appeared. after an attack.

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