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Lions are famous for being the kings of the jungle.

Their fearsome stature and reputation place them near the top of the food chain.

However, Lions have earned their reputation because they are indeed efficient Hunters.

Have You Ever Wanted how Lions hunt in the wild, wherever you are?

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Decode the wild world through the video Best Brutal moments of lion fights in big antelope.

Lions are known as merciless Predators with some of the most power in Africa.

They are the king of other predators.

The power of the lion makes any animal afraid when it comes into direct confrontation with it.

They can kill large prey without spending too much time and energy.

With just one powerful bite they can suffocate their prey.

The line is called the king of the Savannah for a reason.

In the wild, the only way for an antelope to survive is through agility and flexibility based on its famous zigzag jump.

Usually, after a few turns, the antelope will cause the enemy to lose momentum and its initiative.

However, in this encounter, the anselor was unlucky when it slipped while trying to do this maneuver.

The momentum from a high speed jump onto an uneven Mound has caused both the antelope and the line to fall to the ground.

But lines are not simple predators, but lion lets the Gazelle land first, but because it’s so fast and dangerous, it quickly makes the prey taste pain.

Like most social mammals, Lions have roles that they assign in their pride, thank you.

However, what most people are not familiar with is that the Lioness is, in fact, the primary hunter in a lion pride foreign.

Although female lions may be physically smaller than male lions, they make up for it in speed.

In fact, they are up to 30 faster than male lions, reaching top speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, thank you.

Additionally, lionesses also hunt together in packs, effectively increasing their chances of capturing a parade successfully.

In general, there are two known methods that Lions employ to hunt their prey.

The saying Lions only hunt in the dark is a myth.

They also hunt in broad daylight, however.

In the dark they prefer to hunt as it’s easier for them to track their prey.

As they hunt in groups, they always use strategy.

They have intense stalking tricks, as their skin color mixes with the Savannah grasses, so it becomes easy for them to hide.

Once the Lioness is sure that it can catch its Target, it will jump off and spring upon its prey.

This is another advantage that the Lioness has over the male in that their bodies are Slimmer, allowing them to stay hidden in the grass longer.

Lionesses also work together when they hunt by surrounding their prey as they stay hidden.

Eventually, though, the prey will notice or hear the approaching lion, in which case it will become a Chase for them both.

Once the line catches the prey, they will use their powerful claws to Maul at their prey before crushing their necks with their teeth, leaving them paralyzed to be taken back to the rest of the pride all right.

The other way that Lion’s Hunt is a little more straightforward.

This is when the male line also joins in the hunt with the lionesses.

For this second method, there is no hiding or stalking involved.

They go for the big prey and then corner it strategically.

Once the prey is cornered, the line comes in face to face to fight with the animal.

In this scenario, the weight, brute strength and bravery of the male line is what will determine the outcome of the hunt.

Lions do not pass up any opportunity to be able to hunt.

This Antelope, stuck in the mud, is no exception.

You see, this is a great opportunity for a lioness who has been restrained by hunger for days.

I heard of wilderness is trying to cross a small river that has dried up, only the mud remains, and as the antelopes try to make their way across, he spent a lot of strength and energy and one of the antelopes has fallen behind.

Not missing this opportunity, the Lioness quickly rushes to attack.

But this is a very strong, Adult World of Beast.

It takes a long time to take down.

The meal is started by the Lioness just when it starts to get dark.

Despite being one of the most powerful Antelope species in Africa before the strength of Alliance, even this Kudo or striped Antelope still cannot afford death.

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