The lord of the sky was defeated by a chicken in the camp!

Domestic animals are often attacked by various predators.

For some, such attacks become fatal, while others begin to fight fiercely for their lives and for the lives of their relatives.

Here you can see a turkey with small ones, me turkey poults.

Suddenly, a hawk attacks them in order to drag off the cubs, but the mother idea boldly rushes at the predator and drives it away.

Birds of prey very often attack domestic animals. 

The camera filmed how a hawk began to circle over the chickens, but during the second flight, the rooster rushed after it and after that the predator did not appear here anymore.

Whether there is a?

He entered the cage and attacked the chicken.

He certainly would have dragged her away if not for the rooster, who bravely began to attack the hawk.

The chicken was saved, and the predator barely swept away from the angry defender.

Again the hawk visited the chicken coop and again the rooster was left alone with the uninvited guest, and also the hawk preferred not to mess with the bold bird and flew away.

And then the crow entered the dwelling of the chickens.

These birds are also dangerous. 

They can drag small chickens out to eat.

It is unlikely that the crow imagined what awaited her.

The stick began to fiercely defend its offspring, and the crow wants to leave this place, but it does not work out, and the chicken attacks it again and again.

Soon the birds are exhausted and the chicken stops attacking her.

This chicken is out of luck.

More than the rest, she was attacked by a huge halo.

The predator managed to grab her and it seems that everything is already over.

The chicken stopped resisting and the eagle dragged her aside.

But only a predator releases a chicken from its claws for a second, then immediately rushes to flight and escapes. 

A duck with ducklings swam in the pond.

Suddenly, a seagull began to circle above them.

This bird also often drags away small ducklings and as soon as the seagull touches the surface of the goblet, it immediately attacks it and it furiously pecks at the seagull and drowns it in water, and the seagull cannot even take off.

The duck did not lag behind the seagull for a long time.

It will remember this lesson for a long time.

And here you can see a family of geese.

They are acting restless because they spotted a bird of prey in the sky.

And then the predator attacks.

But the geese immediately rush towards and beat off the attack of the hawk.

These shots were taken on a farm in Holland. 

A security camera filmed a hawk attacking a chicken.

The predator and I seized and certainly would have carried away, if not for the rooster, which immediately rushed to the rescue.

And then the goat joined him, and together they drove the hawk away.

Here, another dangerous predator, the cobra, attacked a chicken with chickens.

Protecting their cubs spoon had to fight with a poisonous cobra snake.

You just have to bite the chicken and then everything will be over quickly.

But the bird desperately rushes at the snake and thanks to this, all the chickens remained intact, like their mother.

She this farm was visited by a coyote.

The goats, seeing the predator, rushed to run, 

but then they stopped, stood in a row and began to slowly advance.

The predator was confused.

He obviously did not expect such a turn of events and stopped, and after a minute he turned around and walked away.

Domestic cats also often get it.

This coyote entered the house and attacked the cat.

The pet gave a worthy rebuff.

He rushed at the predator and scratched him with his claws.

But the coyote is still stronger and can easily bite the cat.

But our hero did not lose his head.

He climbed higher where the wolf could not reach, and in this way he saved his life.

Here, too, the coyote attacked the cat and, as in the previous video, the cat decided not to give up without a fight, and even when the predator pressed her against the wall, she still defended herself fiercely and this saved her.

Coyote decided not to mess with this animal anymore and ran away. 

 A goose approached, to a different family.

Adult geese came to the defense of their goslings.

When Alice came too close, the birds spread their wings and scared away the predator, but she still did not run away.

And then a couple of the most daring kuzei rushed to the attack and the predator had to quickly dart into the thickets.

A passer-by managed to film the confrontation between a hungry fox and a goose family. 

The fox wants to drag the little goslings away, but the parents fearlessly protect their goose.

The father does not let the predator close to his family, and the mother hides the chicks behind her.

This went on for a couple of minutes and after that the forest left with nothing – the fox made a mistake.

Having made her way to the territory of this house, the predator thought that someone could be dragged here.

Instead, I met two German Shepherds.

Eli took her feet

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