The Fatal Mistake of a Tiger Interferes with an Elephant’s Calf! 5 Moments of Defeating Tiger Vs Elephant Vs Lion Vs Cat

As the king of the jungle, the tiger is Barely

Invincible, unless you have to deal with certain animals, for example elephants.

Tigers will be scared when faced with elephants, and there are many more moments when tigers are afraid of other animals.

In this video you can see a

tiger walking sneakily to approach a bear, but when it was close to the bear, the tiger seemed hesitant to pounce on the bear and he was surprised by the bear who suddenly turned around, feeling disturbed by the arrival tiger. the bear tried to chase away the tiger.

Well, instead of attacking the bear, the tiger ran, dodged and approached its partner.

The colleague who

Seeing the arrival of the bear also panicked, but in the end the bear left the two hungry tigers.

This tiger also experienced the same thing, but this time the bear

approached the tiger knowing he was in danger. the tiger seemed scared and chose


As if showing that he would not put up a fight against the bear.

This video footage shows when a tiger stalks a large elephant in a savanna.

The tiger was seen slowly approaching the elephant, but he seemed hesitant to pounce on the elephant.

And sure enough the elephant knows the whereabouts of the tiger.

He immediately turned around and made the tiger surprised, frightened.

In a different place, a tiger is seen drinking water on the edge of a pond.

Knowing the arrival of the elephant, the tiger rushed to change places.

He seemed to lie down and hoped the elephant would not notice his presence.

He was wrong.

The big elephant knows where it is.

Realized the elephant would approach him.

The tiger rushed up and ran away.

The lion is known as the ruler and the strongest animal in its life cycle in the forest, but there are still tigers

Take on the role of an Apex predator.

So what happens if these two big cat species are brought together?

In this video, you can see a tiger cub trying to attack a male lion.

Feeling disturbed by the behavior of the tiger.

The lion was angry and counterattacked.

Of course that made the tiger scared.

The person cat, or

commonly known as the orange cat, is often considered a troublemaker among other types of cats.

We can see that in this video. you can see an orange cat bravely right in front of the tiger cage. the orange cat suddenly reacted and gave the tiger a shock instead of a head.

Rare and thrilling battles also occur in this video.

this time a dog brutally attacked a tiger, but the tiger couldn’t do much about it.

Moreover, the dog was also assisted by a lion to attack the tiger.

Those were some moments when tigers were afraid of other animals.

There are times when we are good and fun people, but there are times too.


Say enough when they start going too far.

Thank you and best regards Lestari.

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