The dog grew up with a jar around his neck and his body changed. Rescuers have done the impossible!

A shepherd mix, once known as Jawa but later renamed Olivia, was discovered Sunday near Dowdy Ferry Road and the Interstate.

She was found by a passer-by and was in real horror.

The dog had a coffee can around its neck and, judging by the condition of the dog, she had been walking with it for a long time.

It was still a puppy and he grew up with this jar around his neck.

Next to her sat another stray dog who was given the nickname Joshua.

The man reported his find to the rescue center where to find dogs, but refused to give his name.

City orphanage officials say the jar has apparently been hanging around Java’s neck for about a month.

As the dog grew, the jar crashed into his ears, almost tearing one of them.

After the jar was cut off, Jawa was transferred to Metro Paws Animal Hospital for treatment.

“The next few days will be critical” the Animal Services page said in a post.

“We need to make her stable enough for surgery and watch for organ failure due to her prolonged starvation.

But she keeps wagging her tail and that’s a good sign”.

As for Joshua, he is healthy and needs a new home.

Since the start of fundraising for Java, hundreds of people have responded with a desire to help.

And then came the day of the operation.

“Her body was trying to grow out of the jar”, according to an email from Animal Allies of Texas.

She crashed into Java’s jawbone and ear canal, causing her to lose hearing in her left ear.

She also cut an inch through her chest wall, putting her at risk of contracting a potentially life-threatening infection.

Java, also known as Olivia, had surgery this morning.

“If she lasts the next 48 hours, she has a good chance” her rescuers say.

Olivia survived the operation with dignity

And she’s in for a long recovery.

She is cheerful and loves to chat.

The prosecutor’s office opened a case and began an investigation.

No one believes that the dog itself could put on a coffee.

Can We wish Olivia get well soon and find loving owners.

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