The Citizens Are Shocked, The White Angel Suddenly Falls From The Sky Becomes Public Spectacle !! It turns out that…

Nature sometimes surprises people with its strange phenomena,

including when the sky changes unusually, not only shocking the residents, this phenomenon is in the spotlight of the world.

In addition, some residents also consider strange events in the sky to be a sign of great danger from the many events that exist on this earth.

Here are some unexpected events that happened in the sky of On The Spot’s version: What mysterious black creature one person filmed during the journey from Phoenix to Portland, unlike anything ever seen before.

The figure was reportedly recorded last year, but was only posted recently. the video shows two long, dark objects in the sky beside the plane


They have a tail or tentacles that extend behind them and at one point they appear to coalesce into one entity and then spin in mid-air before the video ends as the object is unknown.

Technically it’s a UFO.

Unidentified flying object, but the person who posted the video and many of the commenters believe it is not an alien craft, but some kind of previously undiscovered aerial creature.

One person noted that new creatures were being discovered every day, while another person suggested that perhaps these animals were mating.

Others call it a sky squid- UFO sightings in the sky.

An account on Twitter has posted a video that

Unusual about strange lights in the sky when you zoom in on the light source.

It appears to be a space station, but that is impossible because the space station is far beyond Earth’s atmosphere and invisible to the naked eye.

Even people can use their cell phone camera from quite a distance.

Some of them looked scared when they saw the UFO.

The location of the video hasn’t been published yet, but some internet users have thought about it

Logical reasons for the video. 

One user made the observation that it was simply a towering skyscraper under construction and was obscured by fog. even so, there are a number of netizens who speculate that it is an alien flying ship or what is often referred to as a mysterious dragon UFO. 

In China, social media buildings were shocked after seeing a rare video of an unidentified creature soaring into the sky.

The animal that looked like a captured reptile immediately rose into the clouds and disappeared.

The incident is said to have taken place in China, the country where the Corona virus broke out.

In the video, we can hear the sound of the audience screaming loudly as they watch in shock.

Weird animal

Without the Wings it is caught ascending to heaven.

Videos or pictures featuring strange creatures always attract the attention of netizens.

A video from the you video platform shows the strange creature heading into the sky and then disappearing into it.

But it looks like the video is heavily edited and it is.

As reported in India today, it was created by a user who has created several similar animated videos in the past. 

The sky is red, the terror of the citizens-

An unusual phenomenon has occurred in Zoochuan City, Bejeng Province, East China.

At 17

In May 2022, the sky over the city turned red like blood and lasted for hours. footage taken by residents of the city shows the night sky turning orange-red between the thick layers of fog


Some looked frightened after seeing this phenomenon.

Ever since the video went viral on doyen, a tiktok-like social media platform in China, people have feared that the phenomenon could be a bad omen regarding the ongoing Corona virus in the region. 

The local meteorological bureau at the zooction confirmed that the phenomenon was not something super natural.

According to them, the phenomenon was caused by refraction and scattering

The light was most likely from a ship’s lamp in the harbour. 

Angels fell from the sky.

Photos of angel-like creatures falling from the London sky have become an uproarious conversation on social media. 

This strange creature is stored somewhere and becomes a spectacle for the residents.

The bus Life page reported that the creature fell from the sky around 13.50 in the afternoon


The creature has wings and its face looks like a human. 

His hair changed and he wore a white robe.

The news was widely circulated on social media and had panicked netizens.

However, when investigated, it seems that the figure that is considered an angel is just a work of art.

Two artists from China named Sun Yuan and Pengkyo, their latest work is called angel or angel.

yuan and

You stated the aim of their project to highlight the tensions and transitions between the supernatural and the mundane.

The angel is described as unable to carry out God’s will so that he is thrown to earth.

Those were some unexpected events that occurred in the sky, On The Spot’s version.

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