The Appearance of the 10-Headed Cobra Snake in the Palm Oil Plantation Shocked the Residents of KALIMANTAN, Allegedly a Demon Snake!?

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But Boxing Cobra On the island of Joe, the snake is one of the reptiles with a lot of presence.

Some people fear, because of some deadly poison, that a snake will appear in an unusual place, so it has become crowded on social media.

However, there are several types of snakes.

Strange and mysterious appear randomly, suddenly, even some researchers can not solve the problem.

Of the many events of the serpent was on earth.

Here are some shocking finds of the snake version, from On the spot up to the logo 10 Headed Cobra Kills.

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Perhaps some time ago, the villagers of the ancient district of Kotawaringen, Kalimantan.

In the middle of a surprise, excited with viper, the 10-headed cobra snake appears when a Babylonian worked on PT Sungai Rangit’s farm.

According to

The information circulated, with a snake, 4 meters in diameter and 20 cm in diameter, made one of the citizens become lifeless when cleaning the farm land.

The accident occurred in the morning, at 7 o’clock Western Indonesian time.

working position:

When the weather is cloudy, he was bitten by the man on the spot the nearest clinic, but unfortunately he can not keep the secret of the snake is believed to be 10 heads in Central Kalimantan, like imitating a snake.

This thing was narrated by several

people in

There, from generation to generation.

Whether they believe it or not, we as humans also believe in the stories of our ancestors.

Mysterious snake on the

highway caught a snake.

eagle glide

This roadside snake paved the way for attention because its body is blotchy. Mud kadut video Snake with body full of mud.

This video kadut snake.

This body full of mud has been uploaded by a number of media platforms on Instagram.

This show is viral and has been viewed as much as 220,000

Once from some netizens.

Also, confused and curious kind of creature hello, aired. looks at

All over the body of this cadot snake is covered in mud, so that you don’t even see the scales of the snakes.

This one also looks fat and obese. The mud that covered this snake’s body is very thick.

When it’s so thick, this snake just can’t seem to get it.

Snake video transmission is agile and fast.

This cadot with a body full of mud got a lot of limelight from the hello, true, green hairy snake.

A mysterious snake video was confusing in Warzone

All over the earth because the green hairy bumblebee snake.

According to the Indian Express page, the strange snake has been found treating Thailand.

Viral video showing the strange creature

As he moved his container in a temporary zigzag fashion, his fur in tune with his movement.

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. According to the domestic steam design, we say that the diamond snake can become the

prey of water snake hunting crevices, shallow rocks

And it causes algae to grow on its body, HRC’s white coordinator of snake species, so to speak

If the scales are at the top of the skin and most of it is made of keratin, like the layer above the skin.

And when you peel off, leave the outside of the Sisi the head of the cobra snake later. Leader of the cobra pointers. I love

your atmosphere.

Some time ago there was a video. It’s a snake with a very strange shape that made netizens wonder about

the lost love.

Video of snakes with strange bodies.

Shared by Devil’s like 6 on Tik Tok account, in 6 dark black places.

16-second video.

A snake with a strange body shape in the middle of the tail, similar to the body shape of a cobra or king cobra, but

From the middle to the head, it’s shaped like a snake or just, hello, quintessential cobra, love your little ones.

In the video, the strange snake seen above

Earth seems average.

Preying on exotic snakes makes the owner of the video ask about a species.

it turns out.

Not only the owner of the video feels the

strangeness of the paragraph, netizens are also dizzy at the thought of the type of snake, but

One netizen is sure that, if that is true, he does not have a strange snake, but a cobra swallowed the snake by its tail.

Hello, four-legged snake discovery journal iki ono opo.

That’s a lot of animal finds.

It is strange that people rarely see it, so that diversity leads to suspicion of one of these strange animals.

Uploaded by the Instagram account at undercoverid in video 29.

In it, the second saw an animal of a very strange and unusual shape.

This animal has a body similar to that of a snake, but strange.

There are four legs on the body. Hello Kwan Obu Bogor Korog Tourist Boy.

Even stranger is the soup of the front feet and the back of the black animal not so close to los, but so far apart from each other,

that it appears to be a strange creature walking with its shiny skin.

It stays stuck to the ground like a snake, according to netizens.

the stranger

His name is animal ligozoma.

These rare species include the lizard family of the sulcus intralygosoma, widespread in South Asia, but some species also widespread in Africa and the Archipelago.

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snake from

On Spot.

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