Terrified discovered 2 divine snakes guarding the deserted house-SNAKE RESCUER

I’m still me.
The swimming pool is here.



Here it is.

It is greeting like this.

It’s written.

I mentioned this one somewhere.

You guys are so many.


See the house of Hoa Nu Idol again.

I’m still there, okay?

The clothes it argues.

Even this one machine.

Say something.

Really sell it.

That’s bad.

Everyone is just lying here and choosing.

In which direction must people go down the other side of the horror to get in there.

Here’s the risk.

If you can help this one somewhere, you are out there and it crawls.

That’s you.


We’re sure he’s been crawling around ever since.

Be careful not to accidentally be like a couple.

The other one has no luck, but this neck is here.

You monster Mr. Viet is always going to play the game down to us.

It’s still real no matter what.

Very love.

This is me when you aim straight at the nerve to make a choice.

What do I do to make it revenge?

That star has a pair of snakes here and there and we’ve been here and there, but I’ll come back here once and it’s related to this area, isn’t it?

Remember that it’s still good today so that it can also give her hand, leave her responsible, say this, she can be a fan.

I always study horror in this room.

Brother Susu first worried Brother to be caught catch brother.

I’m very sad.

Ra tried very hard.

Hey, it’s been a long time.

I hear it’s wide there.

The snake couple has been here for a long time.

Here, me and a dog that said that this specialty was seen, but we didn’t look at it, but we did not catch it so that we can go in and out, no one dares to ask it, if it bites it, it will die.

It’s delicious, people.

Well, thanks to me if I don’t know the tail will be damaged, this is also a human.

They did have fun there.

I see you trying this, the other cats recognize it, and this one said that I just mentioned it today so you guys will be fine, okay?

Where are you?

It’s been a long time since I’ve colored the bag so please let this be a death for you.

Now come to this house, Hoa’s house, everyone in his family reads all the words “It’s almost over”.

In an iPhone study it went there.

Almost over.

When I got married, I had a couple of mountains. Guess who debuted above also felt terrible in Binh Loan October 2nd this time.

I’m good, I’m fine, I’m good when I’m good at math.

Because of it both of you see each of these two for it.

As I said, it has a way.

It’s always up here.

Oh what a number?

Yes or no.

He will be too long forever.

Stop the bag for me, for Thuy.

Probably the love around.

Why can’t you see?

Just understand clearly.

This house is rotten, to climb up is to learn right away.

You can’t turn it off this Autumn or if there’s anything for sale anywhere that catches your eye, I’ll have to hunt in the morning if I can catch 2 children, it caught me today, my brothers and I are very hungry.

So it’s in season, so it’s very active.

It’s all just a kid.

Here are all uncles.

Tao Phat left it all.

There is also a quality that makes me happy for it to be too hot.

Phu for this.

Done, I will give you the dial number to try to see if it is still available.

Where are you?

How about here?

Stay at home?

Go find a circle and come back and try.

As for the clothes, he took away Mr. Dung’s eyes, Thanh Giong’s eyes.

Now he’s going to get you out there.

Brothers and sisters, let’s try to take care of it, if it is worth it, you guys can catch it and see what comes next.

I salute you.

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