Terrible, the world’s largest and most venomous snake – king cobra | people’s obsession

Ah Huy is good at machines, isn’t he?

But I hate it.

Cu Bu Hoi has something.

That’s all.

There’s a lot of water.

Oh no, no.

Don’t know any.

Something has a memory location.

Here it is king.

God is his god too.

Here, the water is clean.

This old man’s idea must be that this guy on the above channel said he didn’t know which line here is the kind that says it’s funny, then if you miss it, Dad, let’s get it out there. Come to Hey It says It’s this, My shop, I miss you so


So sad then.

Well, have fun learning that I’m playing, right?

What a long tail for me to come and see with you guys and come back to the wild.

Oh my uncle’s idea.

Please get me a helmet, then I will meet my best friend again.

When it’s over, here it is and it’s back Kuroku My heart read Bui The ah. Your toy set is not always available.

Oh, Italy’s love goes out and falls first.

Too out you always.

Didn’t you say that your heart is sincere?

Here, live again.

I choose to see it telling you: That is a call back.

Sent yet?

Still have you here.

I never came out, miss.

This child said: “If anyone’s voice is gone, I’m still early.”

This one it crashed the giant 50F ship.

This one is getting longer now.

People who look at it, brother, even if you order it, it’s already there.

Then talk about the length of the yard.

You look at the tenth of a meter that is a person who sees how long this baby is growing and then has the right to force her husband to be the king of the tiger, but I always have that beautiful friend

sent him.

So you can go for a walk.

But also the starlight Storm.


He called his kid there.


Yes, this one bit my eye so baby.

One day is not subjective with the line.

This is the unique line of king tigers in Vietnam.

It wants you from the top of the hill.

Now it rains over the river, does it turn down when it rains?

It looks for a bowl to hide and then it hunts prey in the situation that you are in.

Today I caught myself tricking this kid.

Now you have to pick up the big bag or take the Go tree.

What We Can’t Just Be Together, Dwarf.

You Continue

Because Of That Who Calls Me The Shelf.

It’s true that the Pointed-Tailed Dragon’s Friend of Dear Grandpa Lovers when he turns on Ho Van, it’s too much.

So ah ah ah.

She said she loved this baby with a different look on her head.

What else?

It just ate.

How is it like this, kid again.

The guy who hates mistakes tells me all the time.

Will you pass by for this child?

Give no.

Where not.

At this point, if you lift it, it’s your eyelids.

If it’s not hot, it’s still sunny.

Is it too?

Yeah so.

Yes, that’s it.

This is a duck shop.

Call it out.

Whoever stood in front of it called out.

It’s round profit.

This is the opposite, it’s always nick nick.

You said.

See where it goes, it will follow right away.

It doesn’t let me see that it’s strange, friends, if you ever see a husband, please put the account Vo Nguyen for Ca Mau in his pocket and he invites you to have a baby.

Done who chase it too.


OK OK. at the bar.

It’s a restaurant.

That shop has a name for me to do if I lose or not.

I like my brothers and sisters in my eyes and vice versa right here, it looks like you but it’s not so delicious.

Sunshine is too much sun to worry about.

Can you

guys get it now too?

Don’t be too much.

It’s just past that.

YES. Hehe.

I am still very this.

You also have this beast.

Take the bubble bag back.

Now buy it. I’m done with it.

Ah grapes.

Put it in the flu, the mouth.

Quick, I’ll save you with blood at the station.

Saying it, it can’t be too much.

Never meant this.

Tutun has also said goodbye to you now.

Here is to buy, you turn right and catch.

Don’t say no.

No tonight no no can’t get it.

Ok man.

So now my brothers and sisters will move it.

This one is always on the mountain.

This is a very dangerous situation for this child to be at home. It’s very dangerous to go there. Holiday.you now on this route, just go through Nhatrang.

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