Survival of the Fittest: A Thrilling Tale of a Leopard’s Tenacity After a Challenging Prey Encounter(video)

Leopards are skilled and successful predators in the wild, with excellent captivity skills. 

Easily search for potential meals.

However, nature is not inherently peaceful.

Other predators are always stalking and stealing their meals.

Efforts to protect the food failed.

Sad newspaper.

Do you want to know what happened Dale?

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And now let’s take a look at 10 unfortunate moments when leopards are robbed of their prey.

Let’s go part.

It hid its prey in a cave and was unfortunately caught by a lion.

Leopards cannot fight lions.

He was attacked by a lion and had to leave quickly.

Impala is definitely under Pepe’s command and this leopard is ready to kill. 

Two nearby lions saw this and jumped at the chance to get a free meal.

The lions slowly sneaked up on the leopard and scared it to death.

No need to think.

The leopard ran away and left the prey for the lion.

The lioness climbs a tree with the intention of getting food from the leopard.

A single branch could not support the weight of the two in the battle for survival and they fell to the ground painfully.

But apparently leopards suffered heavy losses in this war.

He lost his food.

A leopard caught a wild boar.

The cry of prey attracts the attention of male lions.

While the leopard was trying to kill the wild boar, a male lion rushed to pull the leopard out of the wild boar. 

Do you think León Bueno came to rescue the wild boar?

He doesn’t just want to steal your food, cheetah.

At night, hunger makes them sensitive to predators.

Two leopards defied the danger to fight in the tree.

Unfortunately, none of the cheetahs benefited.

Happiness fills it underground.

You don’t have to do anything to have a full meal.

A leopard tried in vain to protect its wild boar from a stealing hyena.

Hyenas are much more aggressive than leopards.

The leopard was upset when its food was stolen.

Leopards are too careless when pressing their prey to the base of a tree in a low position.

It’s a good chance for them to have an easy meal.

When the leopard returned, it had no prey left.

Leopards are deeply saddened and angry at this extravagant act of the hyenas.

Hyenas are known to be gluttons, but they are too lazy to work.

This hyena quickly approached and knocked down the leopard.

At first, the leopard tried to hold onto its prey and had no intention of sharing a meal with the hyena, but in the end it watched helplessly as the hyena ate the wild boar.

Eliminates him the cost to hunt a leopard.

He had just killed a female Impala, but before he could enjoy his meal, a hyena appeared and quickly pounced on the prey.

A leopard catches an Impala and immediately other predators rush in for a meal.

The dogs quickly started eating the food, while the other two kept the leopard in the tree.

All was silent for a moment as the wild dogs devoured the food the leopards found.

Just before that, two packs of hungry dogs also burst into the scene, quickly overtaking the stray dogs and making their way to the food.

The hyenas killed every piece of the limbala, except the head.

In a few minutes. It was a very fierce battle to the kill between two hungry predators.

Obviously, everyone wants a full meal.

The leopard plunges into the fray but is almost injured by the hyena’s lightning strike.

Too soon for the leopard to give up, it continued to attack and this time failed completely.

Food belongs to hyenas.

The extremely rare sight of a leopard and its cubs playing was interrupted by a curious crowd.

The maternal instinct makes leopards aggressive.

Without hesitation, the mother leopard rushed to attack the hyena.

In the end, the Uninvited Guest had to flee to safety.

In general, spotted cats are known for their propensity to steal prey from their fellow big cats. 

It seems the wise leopard has learned the tricks of the hyena and sees an opportunity for a little revenge by aiming at the right moment.

Leopards attack the hyena causing it to fall to the ground. Fast as lightning, the leopard grabbed the hyena carcass and ran towards a nearby tree.

What a sight

In Mompanis, South Rango, Zambia, this leopard was killed and taken away by a spotted hyena, which is not unusual, but the leopard didn’t want to let it go.

He went back to the hyenas and did everything he could, which worked To a certain extent and like

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