Snake Encounters You Never Seen Before!

How will these spectacular fight between a python and a leopard end?

Will domestic cats be able to defeat a huge snake?

And what is a real python attack?

Look like all the answers and all the interesting stuff are in this episode.

Today I’ll show you python moments that you shouldn’t watch alone.

Let’s go: Python versus leopard.

Tell me, if you saw a scene like this in the wild, which animal would you bet on?

The Python or the leopard?

It seems to me that most people would pick the big cat as the winner.

It’s big, has sharp claws, a very powerful grip and just amazing agility.

Well, I was saying all that.

Look how cool and skillfully the leopard dodged the Python attack.

It’s unbelievable.

Well, I too thought that the leopard should win here, but Wildlife has a different opinion on the matter.

The python, as practice shows, is no Whipping Boy at all.

It’s massive, performs a Chokehold good and is very tough.

This fight was initiated by the leopard, and the leopard was the first to attack, but it was the python that fought back and made its opponent nervous.

What do you think?

Which animal came out the winner of this battle?

The video stops at the most interesting moment, so it’s unknown.

So write your opinion in the comments: two versus one.

If one leopard had great difficulty in dealing with the python, these guys, apparently Having learned from experience, immediately decided to try their luck together.

The two congeners coordinated their movements and tried to hunt the Python together.

The Python fought back vigorously and sharply in counter-attack, but all the attempts of the snake ended unsuccessfully.

Leopards are just crazy in terms of agility.

How fast do you need to hit them at all so they don’t have time to react?

In any case, no matter how well the leopard reacted to the blows of the enemy, it didn’t help it.

To come out a winner.

In the end, it needs to be able to do some damage itself, and the Big Cat still has obvious problems with this.

When the second leopard came to the aid of the congener, did they manage to deal with the Python or did the giant snake fight them back without any problems?

What do you think?

What are you doing here, probably, with some such question?

The Python in the following video literally fell into a party with a girl from Los Angeles who was dancing at home, completely alone.

Basically, she didn’t need anyone because she was just practicing a dance she liked.

She got the taste for it and even began to dance perfectly, but then something happened that she clearly didn’t expect: a snake crawled into her room.

It not just squeezed through a gap, but opened the door itself and literally fell into the room.

Now that’s what I call a screamer: didn’t know.

Pythons are notable for their intelligence, and that’s why their owners often lock them to prevent them from accidentally getting out of the room.

The following interesting case happened in the Usa in one of the establishments where people actively breed snakes.

As you understand, in every such establishment there’s a person who’s not afraid of the creeping creatures.

They can pick them up, somehow drag them, feed them or even help them shed their old skin.

So here is exactly the kind of pro who was busy showing off the giant Snow White Python they had on camera.

Everything was fine, but not for long.

After just one minute of being near the snake, the man was attacked and almost bitten by it right in the chest.

Just look at the way the Python’s Jaws opened.

That’s really something.

Fortunately, the guy wasn’t injured in any way and continued filming his Vlog with the snake.

As for the creeping creature, it wasn’t gonna stop there, even when the man lifted it above him and placed it in a position where it’s hard for a python to bite the guy.

The snake tried to twist somehow, trying to wrap itself around his legs and Drop It to the Ground.

Funny thing was it succeeded.

The poor guy had to call his colleagues for help.

Now I’m your guest.

It was a wave

This Python said hello when it ended up in the home of an elderly Thai woman.

The woman called the snake catching service and said that she woke up early in the morning and saw this gigantic snake lurking somewhere upstairs.

Of course there was no way she could have handled it alone.

Very least the woman wouldn’t have the strength to lift the big creature.

Fortunately you and I are not the kind of prey this snake could try to eat.

Python may be dangerous just because of its size, but it would never want to try to devour a human.

At most it will attack in self-defense, but no more than that.

What do cats do at night?

Such a question torments every owner of these fluffy, cute and Charming creatures.

Indeed, as soon as the sun is below the Horizon, people lie down in their warm beds and fall asleep.

But the active life of cats only begins, they having had enough sleep and gained strength for a whole day of lying on the bed, go out to explore the house and start on their household chores.

At least, that’s how you could describe the lives of the three kittens in this video.

Something happened to them on the day of the filming.

A hungry Python crawled into the kitten’s comfort zone.

It clearly didn’t mind eating at least one of these cuties, but they weren’t ready to give up so easily.

After jumping slightly and choosing a better position, the cats froze and watched carefully to see how the python would behave.

The snake crawled inside, spotted the prey hiding upstairs and crawled darted.

However, one of the cats still showed courage and jumped on top of the snake, just like some Ninja either.

Such courageous Behavior or the constant pounding and rumbling confused the snake so much that it didn’t understand how to act further.

It simply froze in place, while the cats continued to fuss and jump from shelf to shelf, turning everything around.

I don’t know how this story ended, but I really hope that none of the kittens were hurt.

Everyone knows that people buy running shoes.

They’re really much more comfortable to exercise in.

They’re light, comfortable in your feet, breathing them.

In general, it’s clear what you pay for.

However, shoe manufacturers apparently went even further.

They came up with a new, unusual type of running shoes.

Their Essence is that somewhere inside them there’s a snake.

The person wants to put their foot there, but at the last moment they notice a catch, and here’s where the shoe manufacturer’s plan kicks in.

The buyer runs away wherever they can see.

They no longer feel any discomfort in their feet, no bumps or anything else.

Well, I like this style of training.

The most important thing is that it’s effective.

As we’ve seen today, danger can lurk anywhere, whether it’s in your running shoe or, for example, in your office where you’ve been working for the past few years.

In this video, three friends, pleased with themselves and the fact that the weekend had begun, were walking toward the door when suddenly one of them was bitten by a snake.

What the hell was it even doing there?

The victim wondered, and you know I totally agree with her.

We even thought of bringing a snake to work, leaving it in an open cage on the ground next to the feet of people passing by.

In short, it’s creepy.

Luckily, the snake was not venomous and the girl got off with only fright.

By the way, we’ve been watching python moments, but we haven’t really learned anything about them.

Let’s fix that now I’ll tell you some interesting facts about one of the biggest snakes on earth.

Everyone knows that the Anaconda holds the title of the largest snake in the world.

The most important thing is not to Cloud your judgment and not to think that all other snakes are small compared to it.

For example, the Python is inferior to the Anaconda in maximum weight by 40 to 60 pounds.

We can even say that the difference is not so great.

Moreover, in terms of length, the snakes are mostly identical.

Each of them can exceed 16 feet.

As is usually the case.

All large, long and heavy is associated with immobility and relative safety, but the Python is an entirely different case.

This snake is aggressive.

It attacks its prey with great pleasure, grabs it and strangles it.

Moreover, the Python can strangle continuously for a whole hour.

By the way, do you know how this creature fights in the wild?

When a python senses danger, it crawls away, but if the attack was sudden, it bites and pisses fiercely, inflicting serious, though not lethal, wounds to its offender.

When the Royal Python is threatened, it’ll curl up into a tight ball and bury its head inside.

This is seemingly simple defense, but it’s quite effective.

Try to unclench the muscular rings of its body.

Even a human can’t do that, let alone many animals.

Some people also think that the snake will simply become extinct after a while and will no longer pose any danger, but that’s not true.

The Python lays several dozen eggs at a time.

It’s not at all worried about food either, as we’ve seen today.

It can hunt cats but at the same time it can devour a leopard at the same time.

The Python has no Venom at all, simply doesn’t need it.

Plus, the Python is not interested in guessing temperature.

We humans are the ones who think what to wear based on the weather outside the window.

Python doesn’t care if it suddenly gets cold around it.

The snake will easily raise its body temperature by Contracting its muscles.

The reptile is capable of warming itself up by 9 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s all, guys.

Which Python moment scared you the most?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for watching and see you later.

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