shock!!! people witnessed the scene of snakes flying into the sky in a magical way??? is it god descending???

It is highly unlikely that snakes could fly into the sky in a magical way. While certain species of snakes, such as the paradise tree snake, can glide through the air for short distances, they are not capable of true flight.

The scene witnessed by people could be the result of some other natural or man-made phenomenon. For example, specific weather conditions or atmospheric disturbances can create optical illusions that may seem supernatural or magical.

It is essential to approach claims of divine or supernatural events with skepticism. While the belief in a higher power or divine intervention is a personal choice, it is important to consider alternative explanations and evidence-based reasoning while evaluating extraordinary claims.

Without additional information or evidence, it is difficult to determine what caused the scene witnessed by the people. It is possible that it was a case of misidentification or misunderstanding.

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