Predators vs Birds | Lioness vs ostrich | Amazing moments of Animals capturing Birds Midair!

Birds are fascinating animals.

They are fast and graceful, yet they also fall prey to many animals.

This video features the most incredible Birds versus Predator attack moments captured on film.

So stay tuned while these incredible moments unfold.

Akara call catches a guinea foul mid-air with an incredible acrobatic jump.

Foreign fish leaps out of the water to snatch a flying bird.

A desert lioness overpowers an ostrich bird in a fascinating attack.

Foreign takes out a flamingo with Speed and Agility.

Turtle grabs of pigeon with a surprise attack.

Foreign with Incredible speed.

A viper snake hunt strike Bird by emulating the shape and movement of a spider on the end of its tail.

Thank you, Ocelot.

Huntsmokoff Area.

Foreign bird in a captivating high-speed chase.

Foreign snatches a vulture in a sneak attack.

Cheetah hunts the largest bird in the world, the ostrich.

Foreign snatches a flamingo.

Mid-air with Incredible hunting skill s foreign.

African wildcat incredibly manages to snag a dove mid-air while in flight.

Foreign Falcon overpowers a large Canadian goose and takes it out with amazing hunting skill- foreign, foreign.

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