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Survival in the wild has never been easy for wild animals.

Hunting is not easy, and predators sometimes have to sacrifice their lives to be able to defeat their prey.

But, what’s more, risky incidents can still happen when they eat their prey.

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Oh my God, Python was pierced by Empower’s sharp horns.

Can the Python survive?

Pythons are non-venomous, so they kill their prey by wrapping their bodies around the animal and squeezing it to death.

They had the ability to easily adapt to many habitats around the world, including Savannas, jungles, deserts, semi-deserts, Rocky Mountains or even Swamps.

It is difficult to observe the hunting tactics of pythons in the wild.

They are silent predators and their ability to hide is extremely good.

Even strong prey like monkeys cannot escape death.

Pythons use clever camouflage to attack their prey.

When the distance is close enough, they will Rush forward and squeeze their prey, and by this time it will be too late for the prey to escape.

Although not poisonous, it attacks its prey with a powerful bite and entangles itself around the prey to cause death.

The Python’s muscles make the prey struggle, but it cannot escape the death blow that causes its internal organs to rupture, thank you.

Unlike the mandibles of humans and other mammals, the lower jaw bones of snakes are not fused and are only Loosely connected to an elastic ligament, allowing their mouths to open far wider than humans.

They’re extendable.

Jaws may be the norm for snakes, but it’s super stretchy skin.

But the Python’s lower jaw has reached a formidable level of elasticity.

Foreign, this python has just killed a large Antelope.

It rests for a while before beginning to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

The Delicious meal was laid out in front of it and everything seemed very simple.

Out of habit, the pipeline chose to swallow the prey from the head without expecting the unexpected incident that makes it extremely painful.

Oh, although the antelope is dead, its horns are still very sharp and they pierce the Pilot’s mouth.

This Python had its mouth pierced by the anteloped horns and rhymed in pain, all of its strength to free itself from the antelope’s horns, but with this serious injury it was unable.

But with this serious injury, it was unable to eat and had to wait for the wound to heal.

Completely foreign, this Python had another problem.

Its stomach is more special than other animals.

It’s full of acid and the prey, no matter how big it is, will be digested, including the bones and horns.

You see, this python is very skillfully swelling in Antelope with its long, sharp horns without being injured.

However, with just a little carelessness they could end up dead.

When eating, pythons often have to find a hiding place to rest for large prey.

When the Python is just finished eating, it is almost no fighting strength and moves extremely slowly.

There are many dangers in the grasslands and when weaknesses are exposed, death is almost certain.

When motivated by hunger, pythons will turn into Killers with extremely brutal attack power.

Even those who often make them give up to their prey are afraid and will have to die under the Python’s embrace.

Wildlife is always so cruel and danger can appear at any time.

This can cause Predators dearly.

However, they have no choice.

If they do not hunt, they will die from Hunger.

Wild nature always operates according to its own complex rules.

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