Mountain Lion Attack, Mountain Lion Encounters Shocking Videos

No, no, you dude full danger.

These four spooky mountain lion encounters are sure to make you jump right out of your seat.

Um, uh, number one in Arizona.

What was supposed to be a normal hunting expedition with some dogs turned out to be something much more horrifying.

Curtis from the Ehunter Youtube Channel and his friends decided that it was the perfect day to take out the horses and go on a nice hunt.

Everything seemed to be going as planned, up until the dogs spotted something and chased it all the way to the edge of a steep cliff.

The hunters quickly get around to taking a look at the animal for themselves and realize that it’s actually a very fierce mountain lion.

Unfortunately for the animal, though, it appears to be stuck in a crevice with absolutely nowhere to go.

For multiple minutes, the cougar just sits there, all while letting out a few terrifying hisses at the dogs that keep harassing it with loud and constant barking.

Perhaps it’s also a way for it to show off its sharp and lethal teeth.

I, eventually, the wise predator, finds a way to squeeze through an opening and immediately runs up a nearby mountain to disappear back into the desert, and we just chased this cat down into the rocks.

These cliffs number two: hey bud, oh chimney.

In Glacier national park.

Youtuber Trevor Rasmussen had his peaceful height completely ruined after being stalked by a truly fearless mountain lion.

After spotting the animal staring at him from down the trail, he immediately pulls out his camera in order to record this rare encounter.

Just a few seconds later, the predator unfortunately begins approaching him while he obviously starts panicking.

Stand right at me, i barely saw him.

Oh no, hey, hey, hey, back up.

The animal walks down the side of the trail and into some bushes and hopes to continue on its path.

Thankfully for him, though, the mountain lion decides to mind its own business and gives up on its hopes for a nice meal.

And uh, he looked like he was in like stock mode and when he got up and like yawned because he’s not afraid of me, he couldn’t care less.

I smell bad.

Maybe they like it.

They’re cats.

Number three in Oregon.

Youtuber Cody Fox and his friend had absolutely no idea what their seemingly average turkey hunting trip had in store for them.

After walking around the vast forest for a couple hours, they begin to worry after coming across what seems to be freshly made cougar footprints.

Oh bro, on that side got this little kitty.

Kitty, although terrifying, they decide not to completely panic and simply go on with their day like normal.

This very quickly changes after they heard a low cougar growl coming from right behind them.

After failing to locate the animal for many minutes of looking, Cody alerts his friend that he’ll be firing a warning shot in order to scare it away.

Thankfully for them, the animal remains nowhere to be seen and the men decide to walk away altogether while they still can.

Number four in Sequoia National Park, what seemed like an average mountain lion spotting ended up being a truly shocking experience for two innocent hikers.

As they were walking down the trail, Brian Mckinney and his friend noticed the animal just a few feet away from them.

Brian decides he wants to get a closer look at the animal and begins walking up the trail.

Unfortunately, what he sees next is truly not what he expected.

Not knowing what to do next, the anxious men begin discussing their potential options.

Seemingly ready to attack the vicious animal, stares the two men down for what probably felt like hours before they decide to finally slowly walk away and leave the area.

Hey, bud, oh chimney, full danger, sister, theo, Oh you.

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