Man Made: Rust to Riches | Dreamcar | Ep 2

“Man Made: Rust to Riches” is a television series that follows the crew at Gotham Garage, a custom car shop in California, as they transform rundown and forgotten vehicles into high-end dream cars.

In episode 2, the team takes on a unique challenge as they attempt to turn a dilapidated 1969 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck into a show-stopping custom vehicle. The truck is in rough shape, with rust and damage throughout, but the team is undaunted and sets to work with their signature blend of creativity and skill.

The transformation of the C10 pickup involves a range of custom modifications, including a new suspension system, upgraded brakes, and a custom paint job with eye-catching graphics.

The interior is also completely redone, with custom leather upholstery and a modern sound system.

As the project progresses, the team encounters a few unexpected challenges, including issues with the engine and transmission. However, they are able to overcome these obstacles through their ingenuity and expertise, resulting in a finished product that is truly stunning.

Overall, “Man Made: Rust to Riches” is a fascinating look at the world of custom car building, and the skill and artistry required to turn a rundown vehicle into a dream car. 

Episode 2,featuring the transformation of the 1969 Chevrolet C10 pickup, is a prime example of the creativity and dedication that go into each project at Gotham Garage.


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