Jeremy Corbell: New UFO Video Shows ‘Spherical Craft’ Diving Into Ocean. NO WRECKAGE FOUND

In July of 2019, the Us Navy filmed and photographed a spherical-shaped Ufo and Trans-medium vehicle in a combat information center of the Uss Omaha.

The new footage is unclassified.

Still images of that footage were included in May 1st 2020 of an unidentified aerial phenomena task Force intelligence briefing as seen there on 60 minutes and released by Jeremy Corbell.

So no wreckage was found and no craft were recovered.

Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell himself.

He joins us now to discuss that footage.

Jeremy, let’s lay out exactly what this footage entails and some of the questions that arise around the behavior of the vehicle.

That was what was seen there on that radar.

Yeah, So what we’re seeing is a true Ufo and, in fact, what’s so interesting about this footage

Is it has now been confirmed by the Pentagon that it is actual navy filmed footage.

So you’re seeing a thermal imagery.

The shot was taken at 11 pm at night.

This object appears to be transmedium.

It appears to be descending into the water from the air without destruction and, in fact, there were attempts to recover wreckage or to find this vehicle under the water by a submarine and it they were unsuccessful.

So really, what we’re seeing is astounding footage of an unidentified a Ufo that is spherical in shape and large in mass and it is going into the water and that’s why you hear splash, splash, as it’s being recorded in the uh command center, and you included there, Jeremy, in your information the exact coordinates.

As you said, a submarine was sent after this: no wreckage and more.

Now we saw some immediate explanations around weather balloon and more.

What do you make of some of that pushback?

You know actually?

Um, i haven’t been reading social media.

I think that when people look at something with very limited understanding, they can easily jump to these kind of ridiculous conclusions.

And it’s again, it’s very myopic

And it’s incomplete.

I think people will find very soon that there are multiple sensor systems picking up up to 14 objects at one time swarming this navy ship.

So it’s, people are talking in that way.

They’re just talking out of school, right, and so, Jeremy, let’s explain for context.

There we can actually see the vehicle in terms of what you released.

Why does the trans-medium element matter here, in terms of discussions around propulsion systems and more?

Yeah, This is so important.

If what we are witnessing is a true trans-medium vehicle, a vehicle that can penetrate that barrier between air and sea or air and space without destruction, then we’re looking at a propulsion system that is so far advanced, it’s beyond next generation technology.

So we’re probably looking at- and what it is theorizes.

We’re looking at is a gravitational propulsion system, a non-reactionary propulsion system, everything we know.

You push something back and that’s how you go forward.

These craft, particularly things like the, the Tic Tac crab, they seem to be operating on it on a different set of rules than what we have, an advanced technology, and if that’s the case, we need to know.

Yeah and Jeremy, all of this is in the context of you

And i are talking the night after 60 minutes aired a special which has brought this topic in order to wide viewership, possibly in an audience which you know is hearing some of it for the first time.

Do you think that this is going to spur some renewed calls in order to release some of the information, some of the unclassified information, specifically, that you’ve been referring to?

You’ve been reporting on so much more over the last several months, and what else can we expect?

Not necessarily from you, although i’d love to hear a hint of that as well, but what else can we expect of what we know that the Pentagon has, but have been unable to see?

Well, you, you can’t put this back in the bottle now, and i think that’s so important.

You know, as i like to say, people’s curiosities have been weaponized.

They’re asking for, for answers at this point.

They’re no longer going to be passive consumers and observers.

They’re demanding answers, and that’s what we’re seeing with the Senate Intelligence Committee asking our intelligence agencies to provide the american public and global public the truth about Ufos.

And that truth is we don’t know where they’re from, we don’t know who operate them and we don’t know their intent.

Then we have a duty to find that out.

So what can we expect?

Well, as you can see, there’s been a sea change.

It from me, i’m going to help push that ball forward.

Absolutely, there’s more footage.

What what you can expect from the global public is: people are now asking the right questions, and that’s the first step that we have to getting towards the truth.

That’s exactly right.

Thank you so much all the work that you do on this, Jeremy.

We really appreciate it here.

Thanks for joining us, Sarah.

Thank you more rising for you right after this.

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