Intense! The Lion’s Revenge When Ambushed By Hippo And What Happen Next

Foreign, not only on land, but the rivers here are also full of deadly traps.

Even when a lion, the king of the Savannah, steps into the water, they can become prey to the Ferocious hippo.

Have you ever told that a strong and proud lion could be defeated by a hippo?

What will happen when the land Rises up and decides to seek revenge?

Can’t land overcome this formidable foe?

Join us to watch the video to find out the answer.

The land is a world carnivorous animal that lives in Prides.

They are at the top of the food chain in Africa, known for their bloody Hunting Expeditions and merciless battles.

Foreign with any enemy, lands are never intimidated, whether I’m non- or in water, also a dangerous animal like the lion.

Hippos mainly live in water.

They have a nudged and stood body, small head, small ears and eyes, shut legs and a short tail.

Hippos are mostly adverse, but if they encounter Danger on trip from other spaces, they are ready to become killers and slay any animal.

Buff, lion and hippopotesses: equal strength, but with different living environments.

They rarely Clash.

However, if one of them breaks the barrier of peace and intense and anticipated battle will surely occur.

Don’t take your eyes off the screen because up next is lion almost droned when being ambushed by Hippo in the river.

And the King’s Revenge, let’s go in.

African Savannah lands are at the top of the animal kingdom.

The agility in excellent teamwork make their Hunting Expeditions effortless.

Even the crocodile, an animal that rules the Swamps, is not an easy match for a lion.

Foreign lands, with the male leader and his females injured Ash summer season in this region, plants need access to cool water.

Hippos are fiercely Territorial and even when lands come to the riverbank to drink, they do not allow it.

The Waterway marks the boundary of the two stronger spaces.

If they cross it, they must be prepared for a battle.

At this very moment, lands are swimming across the river when a hippo immediately charges and attacks them.

Peoples are more aggressive than we might think.

They are not afraid of any animals and are ready to attack anything foreign lion.

It is undoubtedly difficult for the lion.

Holding onto a rock in the middle of the river is not a safe solution, as hippos do not hesitate to attack it.

Lands obtain hunt at night, their eyes glowing in the darkness.

When they spot the Hippo Chase and shoes in the shadows, which turns into a bottle need aside, gives in the land pack, jumps onto the hippo’s back and attacks, but the Hippo doesn’t back down.

A quick turn causes the land to fall into the massive Joes of the Hippo with its sharp, deadly teeth.

The hippos bite is incredibly strong and unfortunately the land loses the battle and suffers a great loss in their hunting machine.

The Hippo also sustains injuries on its back after that Bloody battle.

Foreign S are combative and aggressive.

Those who undermine its Pride have to pay the price.

Epitances have attacked lands and killed their allies multiple times, and lands do not let this go unnoticed.

Land will attack hippos whenever they step on land.

Lands don’t care if it’s a matter hippo or the baby Hippo.

They have to punish animals that attack them.

Unfortunate baby hippos become victims of the land’s Revenge.

They are killed mercilessly by lions.

The firstness of lands makes hippos not brave and love to save their young.

Oh, and that’s a natural outcome.

The land has completely Avenged itself on the hippo after its previous failures in the clashes.

The king of African Savannah has won all regaining Sprite, as well as letting all the other animals around witness the tremendous power of the Lion.

Crocodiles caught a cow and it was chased by several hippos.

These hippos are hungry.

They want to steal prey from crocodiles, they finally achieved their goal.

It is a pity for the crocodile that it cannot preserve the prey it has worked so hard to hunt.

It was a heart-pounding sight to see the Impala passed by the crocodile.

It chooses to jump into the water to swim to shore.

The excitement strikes all of a sudden as the crocodile Dives back into the water in pursuit of the Impala, with the Hippo soon to follow into frame.

The Hippo quickly swims in the direction of the crocodile and as the crocodile snaps at the Impala, the Hippo bites down onto the crocodile.

The Hippo then drags the crocodile on the water and the Impala disappears with it.

As a few good seconds go by, the hippos resurface, but the crocodile and Impala are still underwater.

The power of the Hippo cannot be underestimated.

The confrontation between the line and the Hippo is really worth looking forward to.

Let’s see what terrible things happen between them.

The pride of line was attempting to cross the cylinder Spillway in Botswana.

They immediately arise a ferry of underwater hippos.

The hippos aggressively Rush towards the line and attack fiercely- unbelievable.

The lines really panicked in bow to the Hippo.

Hippos don’t definitely eat meat or even seriously injure the lion.

Just make it clear that they do not welcome uninvited guests in their home.

If lions are still at odds with hippos, what would happen?

The answer will be shortly.

Friends are very confident in attacking a lone Hippo, cling to the hippo and won’t let go for a moment.

They boast and despise the power of Hippo.

In the end they suffered a painful ending.

Lion was hit by a hippo.

Its brain was badly damaged.

Can you feel the pain this line is going through?

I am sure it cannot survive in the wild.

The wild dogs are apex predators.

However, there are still unexpected incidents, especially when they have to confront hippos.

Take a look at the moment below.

Foreign Ox chase after a young Impala who eventually jumps into a water hole to seek Refuge.

One of the dogs jumped into the water and tried to drag the limp out by its ear.

The Hippo chased the ball dogs off and flung the Impala lamp into the air.

A Lamb eventually drowned and sunk to the bottom of the dam.

Hippo’s huge teeth killed poor kudu.

It pushed the dad Kudu ashore and immediately opportunistic stray dog wanted to find a meal from the Hippo.

That was not possible.

Until the Hippo give up kudu, the leopard is hungry and looks for a meal in the mud.

This broke the hippo’s peaceful slumber.

The Hippo suddenly got up, causing the leopard to panic and run away.

The leopard knows that it is no match for the Hippo.

Choosing to leave is the safe solution for it.

It was not until evening that a return and resume its Hut.

Foreign hippos are great mothers.

The baby Hippo becomes a target of aggressive Hippo attacks.

It was scared and smuggled up against a mother Hippo.

The mother is very reliable.

It strongly attacks the remaining hippos to protect her cow.

Amazing video of an Impala that was chased into the Muddy Water by lions.

While struggling to get away, the Hippo came and killed the Impala. hippos will become extremely scary if anyone invades their territory.

This crocodile violated the taboo of the Hippo Clan.

It has somehow managed to maneuver itself into the middle of a pot of angry hippos.

These hippos wanted it out of their territory immediately.

The crack was completely outnumbered and found itself being thrown around and bitten by the hippos.

Fortunately it managed to get away unharmed.

It narrowly escaped death.

Crocodiles hunt.

Its vision is obstructed by swamps, while the crocodile is very agile in the water environment.

This helps the crocodile to get out of dangerous situations, but people with Lion are not easy to deal with both being strong and fierce animals.

But when facing the lion, the Hippo is not an easy opponent to win.

With a combat of Nature and the need to protect its Pride, the land will make its enemies pay by all means.

This is the law of survival, nature.

Don’t take your eyes off the screen and keep watching the most brutal battles in the world that we’ve compiled.

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