Honey Badgers at Naples Zoo

Hi, this is Tim tat Salaf, director of conservation for Naples zoo.

Honey badgers are one of the new favorites here at Naples Zoo.

Now if you’ve heard of Ani badger, you’re probably one of the tens of millions who have seen Randall’s viral honey badger- don’t care.

Video on Youtube.

That best of all, Honey badgers do live up to their height.

These fearless and persistent creatures show no fear of predators.

Many times their own size and with claws longer than a black bears, they will rip wooden planks from hen houses and dig under stone walls to get a meal.

Even the stings of bees do not deter them from getting a sweet treat.

All the more amazing when you consider this is only a 25 pound creature.

Even more astounding : badgers can survive the venomous bites of Cobras.

After killing the snake, the Badger drops and remains still as if dead, but eventually rises from its toxic stupor and as its meal.

And no one is yet quite sure just how they do it.

Now, as tough as they are, they’re not invincible.

Lions and leopards can kill badgers, although not very easily.

Maple zoo is one of only a handful of American zoos where you can see these extraordinary animals.

We hope you’ll be as amazed as we are to see them in person, and if not, well, honey badger, don’t care you.

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