He saved the bear cub from the river, but he still did not know how the EVIL bear would thank him!

An amazing incident happened last year on one of the rivers in Canada.

The fisherman was catching trout, but there was practically no bite, And in the evening a large she-bear with a cub also came out to the river.

Unfortunately, he broke off the shore and landed in the water.

The current instantly carried the baby away from the mother and she had no choice but to run along the river.

Along the shore, The man, seeing that the bear cub was in trouble, quickly reeled in his fishing rods and sailed across the path of the distressed baby on his boat.

In the end he managed to drag him into his boat.

The bear cub was very frightened and, according to the fisherman, was shaking all over, either from fear or from the fact that the water was icy.

The bear, screaming, watched everything that was happening, rushing about on land.

The Canadian swam to the shore where the mother was waiting for her baby, and released him to the ground.

Then he sailed silently.

First of all, the bear gave a resounding slap in the face to her son, after which she literally hugged him.

Probably he still froze, and so mom warmed the bear cub.

The fisherman returned to the middle of the river and continued to fish, But to his surprise, the bear was not going to leave.

A few minutes later she climbed into the water and began to catch salmon, trout, whitefish.

Bears are born fishermen, Unlike humans.

The bear easily pulled one fish after another out of the water and put it on the shore, where the Bear cub obediently waited for her and dried.

In just half an hour, more than 10 large fish were already lying on the ground.

The fisherman was finally disappointed in the bite and his abilities and began to reel in the bait.

The she-bear got out of the river and ate two large trout, after which she howled and went deep into the forest with her cub.

The surprised man could not believe his eyes.

The animal thanked him for saving his son.

Of course, the fisherman took the left fish and, returning home, told everyone about this amazing story.

Naturally, they did not believe him, But this story had a sequel.

The next time a man came to the river to go fishing, not alone but with his comrades-

Almost 3 weeks have passed.

Everyone forgot about the case with the bear.

By some incredible chance, in the early morning, an already familiar pair of animals again came out to the river.

The mother bear caught fish again, although this time it was less – 7 pieces growled and she and the baby went home.

This episode once again proves that kindness is inherent in every living being.

Nature has made us all good.

Of course, such behavior of a she-bear is an incredibly rare case, but very revealing, In my opinion.

Even if people disappear from the face of the Earth, kindness in this world will remain and will not go anywhere, So it is worth considering whether a person is the crown of evolution.

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