Great Africa! The most dangerous animals of the continent!

The lion fell into the hyena’s trap.


Many different animals live here: Zebras, leopards, Wildebeest, giraffes, hyenas, lions and many others.

Some of them are predators and some are prey.

A majestic, mighty lion reigns here.

With one powerful throw he can overtake the victim.

The lion often chases and kills pesky hyenas.

These animals have a bad reputation.

They are thieves, cowards and scavengers.

Besides, they have a fierce hatred of lions.

Of course, in a one-on-one battle with a lion, a hyena has no chance.

But hyenas practically do not go alone.

This young male is exploring the territory.

He has moved quite far from his pride and has fallen into a trap.

More than 15 hyenas began to surround the lion.

The king of beasts is confused.

This is the first time he encounters this.

The hyenas are getting closer.

The trap begins to close.

Fear and despair appear in the eyes of the lion.

Suddenly, his brother comes to the noise of the battle.

The cowardly hyenas, realizing that the alignment is now out of the crawl, run away.

The lion is saved, but he will remember this lesson for a long time.

Lions, kings of the Savannah.

A lioness protects an Antelope cub.

They are skilled hunters and if the lion cannot cope with the prey alone, then the pride comes to the rescue.

Working together, they manage to isolate a young female with a calf.

One lioness distracts the attention and the other attacks.

In a few minutes it was all over.

Acting as a team, lions can overwhelm such giants as an elephant or a giraffe.

But the favorite delicacy of lions is the wildebeest.

This animal is not so big and the lioness can handle it alone.

Serengeti National Park.

There is a huge wildebeest population here.

Some of them have cubs.

They are an easy target for predators and one of the cubs is already being watched.

A hungry lioness is waiting for the right moment, easily frightening her mother.

The lioness is left alone with her prey.

But something amazing happens.

The lioness for some reason doesn’t kill the calf.

The newly born calf does not see her as a threat and takes her for her mother.

Apparently, the lioness, sensing this, leaves the calf alive.

The lions attack the elephant.

Lions usually hunt in packs, But this female went hunting alone.

She has been grazing a warthog for a long time and now the moment has come for an attack.

The lion can reach speeds of up to 80 km per hour, the Warthog only up to 50, so the female easily catches up with him.

But you can’t feed a pride with a small Warthog.

You need bigger prey.

This Lone Buffalo will do.

The prey is large, so several lionesses from the pride rushed to the attack, But the Buffalo gives them a hard rebuff.

The strength of the bull was running out and he could no longer repel the next attack.

The lionesses, having grown bolder all together, pounce on him and bite Suddenly.

Having gathered the last of his strength, the Buffalo stands up.

The lionesses are shocked and frightened.

They are forced to retreat.

Although the Buffalo was wounded, the living strength of the spirit won And the lions were hungry.

It got dark, it became much cooler and the lionesses went hunting.

This time they put everything on the line and chose an elephant as a victim.

As a rule they do not attack elephants, but the situation is difficult and the pride decided to take a chance.

They managed to separate a small elephant from the herd and at least 10 predators rushed to the attack.

This time.


Now the food will last for a long time.

It’s a pity for the baby elephant, but such is the harsh life in the wild.

Elephant vs Rhino.

The African elephant is the largest land animal.

A 5 ton giant, 4 meters high, looks impressive.

This is a peaceful animal, but it is better not to anger him.

He lives in Africa and therefore his paths can cross with another giant – the Rhinoceros.

The largest white rhinoceros can weigh 3 tons.

It is more aggressive and rushes like a tank.

So how do collisions of 2 giants occur in the wild?

The elephant demonstrates the tricks he is capable of, but the rhinoceros did not appreciate it.

The elephant was offended and threw away the stick.

The battle did not take place Here.

A family of rhinos encountered a herd of elephants.

Parents will go to any lengths to protect their cub.

Their determination scared the elephants away.

This time, in a similar situation, the elephant showed the rhinoceros who is the boss.

Another video demonstrating the advantage of the elephant: hitting the rhinoceros hard, he almost knocks him down.

The rhinoceros strikes back by nearly thrusting its horn into the elephant’s neck.

The battle continues, but the rhino escapes.

This is one case where size matters.

Crocodile attacks.

The crocodile is the top predator.

Adult crocodilians have no natural enemies, except that a hippopotamus can be a problem or an elephant, but such encounters are rare.

Watering places where crocodiles live represent a great danger to animals.

While you quench your thirst, an attack can follow at any second.

The attack of the crocodile is lightning-fast and accurate.

Even such fast predators as cheetahs need to be very careful.

But at a watering place, drinking cool water, you relax and lose your vigilance.

The Cheetah never appeared on the surface Here.

The leg of the Impala cub fell into the tenacious jaws of the crocodile.

She tries with all her might to escape, but the reptile does not want to let her go.

The antelope makes an attempt after an attempt and finally freedom.

She succeeded.

The harsh world of wildlife is cruel and the story does not always have a happy ending.

Terrible carnivorous grasshoppers.

The Kalahari Desert is a harsh place for all living things.

There is little food here and therefore the local inhabitants have to somehow adapt to these conditions.

The Kalahari is home to extremely unusual grasshoppers- African armored grasshoppers.

They can’t fly, they can’t jump and they also love meat.

Nearby nests of red-billed weavers are located on the trees.

Recently they have had chicks.

They are hungry and parents have to leave the nests in search of food.

But not only the chicks are hungry.

An army of hungry grasshoppers began to move towards the helpless chicks.

They deftly climb the trunk of the tree.

Mom was nearby and she rushes to protect the chicks.

The bird strikes powerfully, But the grasshopper is not so simple.

It has a strong shell with spikes which reliably protects it from such attacks.

In addition, the grasshopper has a secret weapon.

From the slots of his exoskeleton, he squirts his toxic hemolymph blood into the bird’s eyes.

The Weaver is confused but still delivers a brutal blow.

Having unsuccessfully fallen from a great height, the grasshopper is still alive, but the smell of his blood attracts his brothers.

Hungry monsters do not care who to eat.

Cannibals devour their wounded brother.

The weaver watches the drama unfolding in horror.

This bird is a secretary and it is quite strange.

Secretary bird.

Unlike other birds of prey that attack prey from the air, the secretary bird hunts on the ground.

She can fly but prefers walking.

A bird can walk up to 30 kilometers a day through the savannahs of Africa.

This rather large bird grows up to 155 cm in length and weighs 4 kg.

Its wingspan is over 2 meters.

The secretary bird can spend hours wandering the savanna looking for prey.

It has excellent eyesight and a rather strange culinary addiction.

The secretary bird’s favorite food is snakes.

Noticing the victim, the bird begins to powerfully kick.

Its attack turns into a kind of dance.

These blows are very strong because the secretary has powerful claws on his feet.

Rodents also get from this bird.

With one powerful blow it can break the victim’s spine.

None of the birds hunt like this Secretary bird family bird.

Having found a mate for themselves, they no longer part and travel together only sometimes moving away from each other.

Together it is easier to hunt as if they had caught a clever hare, if they weren’t paired.

Secretary birds build their nests on top of small, flat-crowned trees.

They pick up branches and grass and carry them to the tree.

Honey badger, how he became invulnerable.

The female lays no more than 3 eggs The honey badger is the most fearless, aggressive and unique animal on the planet.

To become such, he overcomes many trials.

This badger was named so for his love of honey.

African honey bees bite very hard.

They have worked for months to get the nectar and they will protect it.

The bees sting the honey badger painfully, but he does not back down.

The whole bitten but happy honey badger passes the first test, hardening from a bee sting.

Honey badgers live in Africa and Asia and eat just about anything.

This is a rock rat.

It is small and is on the menu of many predators, so it has learned some tricks.

She hides in a thorny bush where few people go, But this time the honey badger noticed her.

The thorns of the blackthorn dig into the skin of the honey badger.

It hurts him, but his pain threshold is higher than that of many animals.

The rodent was not lucky that it was the honey badger that was hunting him today.

Having had a bite, the honey badger passed the second test, endured the pain from the pricks of the blackthorn.

It’s time for more serious tests.

The honey badger needs to learn how to withstand poisonous bites, And the scorpion is perfect for this.

Its poison is not as strong as, for example, that of a cobra.

Each blow of the scorpion burns the honey badger like a red-hot knife.

He endures everything and at the end he has a snack with his coach.

Another test passed.

The time has come for the most serious test, the battle with the poisonous African viper.

The snake had just caught the mouse and wanted to eat it, But the honey badger took away the rodent and ate it.

Then he attacked the snake itself.

Victory: the honey badger starts to eat the snake from the head.

But something happened.

The viper nevertheless bit the honey badger and his wound is swollen and hurts.

He loses consciousness.

It seems that the revenge of the viper has come true, but 2 hours pass, the honey badger regains consciousness and begins to eat the snake.

Hippo, the most dangerous animal in Africa.

The hippopotamus is a huge herbivore

Its mass can reach 4 tons.

It spends most of the time in the water, getting out to land only to eat.

On the surface it seems that this is a peaceful animal, but it is not.

The hippopotamus is very quick-tempered, his mood is changeable and he does not like when someone enters his territory.

Three lions inadvertently entered his territory and this infuriated the hippopotamus.

Crocodiles can also suffer from it and even sharks should not swim in its territory.

The rhinoceros, another giant of Africa, looks a little helpless if a furious hippo attacks him.

Many consider the hippopotamus the most dangerous animal in Africa, so you should not get close to him on a safari.

It is very likely that he will attack.

Hippopotamuses can swim, but if they need to develop greater speed then they simply run along the bottom.

But even such an aggressive animal has a sense of compassion.

It often saves other animals from the clutches of crocodiles, and not only.

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