Giant snake vs crocodile. Real fighting!

Collisions between pythons and alligators, although not often, do happen occasionally.

In general the Python loves to feast on baby alligators or medium-sized individuals BUT if the alligator is large then a battle arises between them.

The alligator pats the snake in its own style.

It hurts and even tries to bite the offender, but the snake cannot bite through the armor of the reptile.

Then the snake puts rings on the alligator to strangle it.

Failure and the snake retreats.

But here’s how a python does with alligators that are smaller than it.

It does not have poison and therefore first strangles the victim, wrapping rings around the body and squeezing it strongly.

Then it swallows the already dead body whole.

But alligators in times of stress can slow their heart rate down to 1 beat per minute.

The alligator becomes lethargic and inactive.

But he did not die.

The snake thinks the opposite and begins to swallow him.

Suddenly the alligator wakes up.

With these movements he can damage the internal organs of the snake, but the Python has already begun the process of swallowing and he will not back down.

But this python was unlucky.

The alligator woke up already swallowed and began to convulse in a panic.

It was so strong that it pierced the body of the snake from the inside and even managed to squeeze its head, but there wasn’t enough strength for more and the alligator still died.

Killing also snake Marvelous.

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