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They have a large size, which can reach tens, even hundreds of meters and is deadly with just one bite.

Yes, snakes are indeed one of the most frightening animals in the world, but along with this horror, you can see the beauty and uniqueness of this animal, especially the largest snake species in the world.

Curious what are the biggest snakes ever encountered by humans?

The following is a list of the largest snakes humans have ever seen: the nabau snake.

Nabau snake is one of the legendary snake myths that lives among the

Dayak people in Kalimantan.

This snake is considered a forest guard and is feared by local people because of its gigantic size and supernatural abilities.

Nabau snakes are believed to be between 80 and 100 meters in size, with a body and tail like snakes in general, but have a head that resembles a dragon, with 7 holes on its nose.

There are several reports regarding the sighting of the Nabau snake which was caught on camera in 2009 while swimming in the Baleh River, the bus.

Sarawak, but until now there is no concrete evidence regarding the existence of nabau snakes, so some people are still questioning whether the snake really

exists or is it just a myth.

Even so, the belief of the Dayak people in the existence of nabau snakes is still very strong and highly respected as guardians of the forest which must be preserved.

According to the beliefs of the Dayak people, the existence of nabau snakes must be respected and must not be violated.

This snake has the ability to determine the fate of someone who enters its territory.

Even if someone violates forest regulations and damages the environment, this snake can give a curse and threaten the safety of human life.

Apart from that, there is also the Legend of the Nabawi Stone, which was found

In the Bukong River area, in a small area, electricity is safe in Sarawak.

This stone is considered to be a relic from the

guardian gods of the forest and has links with nabau snakes, but according to the former head of the Long House, this stone is just an ordinary stone which the inhabitants of the long house often pass on their way to the giant boa constrictor’s farm.

A video on tik tok managed to capture the amazing moment when

The world’s largest snake is lifted from a tropical forest using heavy equipment in the interior of the Dominican jungle, the Caribbean islands.

The ferocious reptile was about 10 feet or more than 3 meters long.

Footage shows a boa

constrictor being lifted from a great height by heavy equipment.

Even this snake can almost touch the ground because of its length when pulled out of the thicket.

This snake is still alive because it was seen crawling on the tip of the crane


Initially, this large snake was found by a group of people who were allegedly clearing land, and in the follow-up video, a scraper can be seen picking up the snake from another angle.

The video then continues as rescuers struggle to get the huge creature into the trunk of a car.

It took 3 people to try to get the snake out and it looks like they worked hard to get the snake in the right way.

The specific

species of snake isn’t detailed in the video, but the Caribbean islands are home to some of the deadliest boas, and this makes sense because

This species can match the size of the snake found.

The boa snake itself so far can grow up to 13 feet or 4 meters of the yakumama snake.

The yakumama snake is a legendary type of giant snake that is said to live in the Amazon rainforest in South America.

This snake is considered one of the largest snakes in the world, it is even larger than the anaconda snake, which also lives in the Amazon region.

But not much evidence has been found regarding the existence of the yakumama snake, so some experts

suspect that stories about this giant snake are just myths or legends originating from native tribes in the Amazon.

Some reports describe the yakumama snake as enormous, reaching 50 meters or more in length, with a head the size of a truck and teeth as sharp as knives.

However, as previously mentioned, there is no evidence to suggest that this snake actually existed. but several reports that say that ran aku mama has been found or seen by local

residents often cannot be verified with strong evidence, and therefore the existence of the yakumama snake is still considered a mystery and there is no scientific evidence to prove it

If this snake really existed.

In addition, the natural habitat of the yakumama snake, which is

thought to be located in the Amazon Forest, is very difficult for humans to reach, so it is difficult to verify its existence, and therefore the existence of the yakumama snake is still a mystery and an interesting topic for explorers and researchers. animal.

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Biggest python ever

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