Geger Beach Visitors!! Giant Mermaid Found Stranded On The Beach

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Why lately the discovery of strange and mysterious creatures or animals around the beach often occurs.

Most of these animals are lifeless,

stranded on the coast and their species have not been identified, so they often give rise to various speculations.

Some of them

Then they were brought to the research center to be examined and some were immediately buried by the local community.

And here are some strange creatures found on the beach.

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Hey, stranded mermaid.

I don’t have any vegetables.

Mermaids are mythological creatures whose existence is not yet clear, real or not.


Mermaids are still an unsolved mystery.

But some time ago there was a mysterious figure washed up on the beach which was said to be a mermaid.

There are several amateur photos of this creature which have also been widely circulated on social media.

Interestingly, the head of this creature resembles the face of a

woman with hair that is spread evenly from her waist to her feet, like Ika who has tassels.

Many say this creature is a mermaid

Already lifeless stranded on the beach.

But is it really a real mermaid?

Yes, Tu Ho Jin’s hot do is hot.

Please check your wedding.

In fact, upon further investigation, the figure touted as a mermaid.

It is a work of art from the creative team from

the film Twilight of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides, judging from the texture, coloring and also the size that fits humans, it certainly makes ordinary people believe and think that this work is a real mermaid.

Yes, deep sea monster. In May 2021, a spherical, jet-black fish with dozens of razor-sharp teeth was found washed up on the coast of Newport, California.

We, who are not like monsters, were found by a tourist who was having fun walking on the beach hai hai, hai, hai, hai.

Well, after investigating this, apparently a scary animal

It’s a Tasik football fish or the scientific name of the Imam has just pulsed Miles.

A fish with a mouth that is 46 cm wide.

It is known that this is a family of Angel Fish that live at sea depths of 900 m.

Although not a rare animal, the stranding of this fanged fish is considered unusual and rarely occurs.

The exact cause of the stranding of this fish

It’s still being investigated.

Hi. Well, for your information, ball fish are in their natural habitat

The Pacific can grow one to two meters and is known as a bioluminescent predator.

It can emit light on its antennae to lure prey and

suck and swallow prey the size of its body.

Loh, because it rarely happens, all of a sudden photos and video recordings of this creature went viral and became the talk of netizens on social media.

The monsters are resourceful hai hai Yes

My goodness.

Furthermore, there was the discovery of a skeleton of a mysterious sea creature on the Sakhalin coast, Russia.


residents believe this as proof of the existence of sea monsters.

Preliminary tests showed the bones did not belong to a fish or a crocodile.

This strengthens the theory of the skeleton of a sea creature from prehistoric times.

The series that caused a stir in cyberspace was discovered by a Russian soldier in 2006.

After doing research for eight years, finally, in 2014, the identity

of the monster was finally revealed.

Song a number of scientists and experts

Marines called the skeleton a massive beluga whale touching it.

This fact contradicts initial investigations which reaffirmed that the mysterious skeleton’s teeth were not fish, but after observing the shape of the skull, scientists believed it was that of a giant beluga.

As a result of the rapid

development of technology, the initial theory that it was thought to be a monster has now turned into a marine animal.

Hey UF friends, montauk monsters, Hi. maybe in 2020 the internet was shocked by the discovery of a mysterious giant creature that was reported washed up on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

A picture shows the huge creature lying on the shore of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by many people in front of it.

That’s hi, hi, this is


This image also invites a lot of speculation and not a few who think it is a sea monster that appears itself.

But is it true that it is a montauk monster?

After careful observation, the image in the claim was actually posted earlier in the cmscom vindula article in 2016.

In the article it was stated that the creature was stranded in the Mexican sea, but in

fact both of these claims are hoaxes.

So Hi, after being traced, it turns out that the image of the creature is an engineered photo that combines

Found photo of stranded whale

In Chile in 2011 with votomon tofu, which was excited in 2008, while the montauk monster itself was only discovered if it was a decomposed poison body, so the claim that it was a Pacific Ocean monster was fake news.

Grace, well, figure.

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