It takes a lot of skill, a lot of focus and understanding of the body language of this animal.

If I didn’t understand the body language of this animal, I would have been bitten already because I made a mistake, misjudged the body language, and I would have been bitten years ago here.

The ground king covers are the only species of snake on the planet that can actually breath.

They want to fight.

We get 12,000 to do this.

What is going on these people?

I’m sorry I did not come in the intro for this video.

I actually just got back from Australia

And I’m giving Kevin a soak, so I just want to see what’s going on.

Beautiful people, enjoy the feeding video now.

I’ll see you in a split second, are you guys?

Come look, Kevin’s right here.

His belly is looking out pay as if he’s gonna shed.

But man, he has not pushed through a shed yet.

I want to give him a good soak, apply more load, trip into his chin and then I’m gonna go prepare a nice-sized Burmese python for him to go much down after we’re done taking care of him.

So what I’m gonna have to do is take him out of the enclosure.

It let’s get the priest so run down.

For anyone who’s new to the channel?

This is Kevin the King Cobra.

Oh, Theo Vegas Hannah, the longest, largest species of venomous reptile on the planet- why she should take that back?

The longest largest species of venomous snake on the planet, Moto dragon, which, which does possess a venom- relaxed, he’s making a bit of a mess, but that’s fine.

There we go.

They’re gonna come on the ground just for a second

So I can get a good look.

Let’s crawl around so you can see Kevin.

He’s got good body size to him.

He’s a beautiful Malaysian king cobra and he should be around 7 to 10 years old, not sure on a specific age, because I did not rear this angle from a little neonate, little baby.

I got him around 11 feet long and now he’s nearly 14 feet long.

But venomous snake, he’s a beast.

He’s a prize that to me.

I love him so much.

He’s actually the first ever King Cobra that I’ve owned under my license.

Technically have bought King covers in the past.

When it releases those king cobras in Thailand.

If you guys haven’t checked out that video, definitely check it out.

Awesome time out in Thailand.

Went to a went to a snake farm out there that was illegally collecting king Cobras fur over the amount of time they were allowed to and we had to find all the king covers off of them.

It released them back into the wild.

So that was a cool opportunity to let King covers go back into their natural habitat.

So, Kevin, look, don’t mean restrain it, sorry, just don’t leave loose on my arm so I’m going to put right into us, turn right here, might take a second for that.

So, chain, relax, it’s a whole lot of snake.

You can try to put in one can.

Are you gonna behave?

Come on there, we go easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Watch your knees.

Oh, please don’t bite me my knees.

All right, guys.

Now who’s gonna soak for about thirty minutes, 40 minutes.

I’m just gonna make sure his enclosures nice and clean.

He’s got fresh water.

There’s water bowl

Just right over here-

And then, after all the fun, he’s gonna come out, get Lotrimin on his chin, be put away, and that Justina is gonna get a nice suit as well.

If you don’t know, Jess Tina, she is my female Indonesian king cobra and she’s actually one of the first king Cobras I’ve worked with to get my hours for my licenses here in Florida.

So it’s pretty neat that I was able to get her later on down the road and work with her, the owner, so we have quite the history with each other.

Pleased to have her put it up in my face, mouth open, when I was 18- and there’s actually a shot somewhere of me when I was 18.

She’s opened up my face with her mouth and her tongue is nearly hitting my nose and the breath coming off her extended trachea was hitting my nose.

So she’s definitely got a lot of a lot of spunk in her and I love her a lot.

So she’s an awesome king cobra, very defensive, not aggressive.

So let’s go see what’s going.

All these Burmese pythons.

They’re defrosting in a defrost.


My king cobras.

If you’re not familiar with the situation, sounds kind of odd.

King Cobras are from Southeast Asia as well as the Burmese python.

These pythons are an invasive here in South Florida in the Everglades.

They escaped because of large breeding facilities back in the day were to shrink by hurricanes, along with some a responsible pet owners releasing this the wild.

The big problem is just that they’ve developed a breeding here.

They are well-established.

There are lots of them out here.

So whenever people hunt Burmese pythons our room from the Everglades, usually they have nothing to do with the mean most people just throw the carcasses away and keep the skin.

But the good thing about these king Cobras is it like the meat, the bones, the organs, all that good stuff?

Because out in the wild the king Cobra naturally feeds upon Burmese pythons.

So where there is a big problem- the Everglades-

I see a solution for my hungry king cobras and that is why do you feed Burmese pythons to the king Cobras?

There are too many of them on the Everglades to be rehomed.

I see there’s a lot of people out there that want them to be real hopeful.

They don’t understand.

There are well enough Burmese pythons on the Everglades.

Literally, if you have the right spot, you’ve got the right time of year, you can find anywhere from two to six Burmese pythons and a night.

And then you look around and you’re like where’s all the native stuff?

So they’re not good for the ecosystem

And they’re great for the diet of king Cobra.

That’s why my king covers look so wet.

More, you got the Nba’s spicy, very beautiful, very nice.

I love them dearly.

And let’s go see if this, uh, these hors d’oeuvres are done to frost.

Oh, by the way, the reason I say defrosting is cuz we freeze the Burmese pythons to kill every parasite in the body within a month being in the freezer so it doesn’t transfer to my antics because if they eat it now they have this parasites.

So yeah, sorry, Stevens, bit a little bit cantankerous lately because I get the snakes and the Crocs, more tension and Lacy’s anyways.

So I’ve got these Burmese pythons right here.

They are defrosted.

Let’s see when we could actually down here, so some trip into the enclosure.

So right here this is probably a four foot Python.

This will be for just denied my female Indonesia king cobra and this Burmese python, I believe there’s a little knife cut on the head, yeah, and then the other one’s got a little knife cut on the head to this point.

They put them down.

So yeah, Burmese pythons are invasive species.

They don’t belong here.

There are so many on the Everglades we have to do whatever we can to get everyone we see out of the airplanes now.

So what I’ve got right here is the other Burmese python for Kevin because he’s larger, but this Python was around a seven, eight feet long so he cannot eat something that big he has in the past, but just too much from the digest so I’ve cut it in that.

I am sorry for anyone who is out there who’s very sensitive things like this.

But, like I said, this is an animal that had to be put down.

It’s not supposed to be here.

Gonna be rehomed, and now for providing food for my big large, to Nicole Brown, a nice meal.

So we are gonna put these down because they are scrumptious and smell Delicious.

So over here, Kevin’s been so cool.

It’s been like 30, 40 minutes and what I wanted to do is take them out, rice face off, apply love trim into his chin to help with a minor fungal infection he’s got, and then I’m gonna put in his enclosure and let him settle down.

Take Justine out, so Kirk, put her back in our enclosure and once they all settle down, they’ve relaxed.

I’m going to give those Burmese pythons a nice little treat for being so well-behaved.

Just kidding or not, that well being Kevin’s.

Okay, Justina, so that those ass.

I see Mamma Mia, she’s a Ho, she’s a future ex-wife, if you know what I mean.

Okay, Dokay, as they say in Oregon: knees, I hook right here, which is one night- don’t tell Matt, you painted that wall anyways.

That off, see where he’s at there, we go check it out.

So Kevin’s right here he is hanging out.

His bumper body is on this lip right here, but, as you can see, he is aware what’s going on.

He’s hood just to get them out a little bit.

Now I’m gonna get some paper towel, try space off.

Get some lunch room right here drying the chin off before applying lachemann.

I’m not restraining him, I’m just holding his neck and place him.

I don’t want to put four straight lines neck, make you feel threatened.

All right, guys, Kevin, relax just a bit.

It’s more election.

It’s a lot of skill, a lot of focus and understanding of the body language of this animal.

If I didn’t understand the body language of this animal, I would have been bitten already because I made a mistake, misjudged the body language and I would have been bitten years ago.

And that’s why, luckily, over my young career of handling venomous reptiles, crocodiles and alligators, I’ve been very fortunate not to get bitten, envenomated.

All that fun stuff, women on them.

My fingers are a little bit covered.

All right, we’re gonna put a break back this enclosure now, a little relaxed.

So we’re giving you lots of Justina there we go.

All right, Kevin, you take a breather and we won’t have your meal.

In about 30 minutes or about an hour.

Your meal will be all ready to eat.

That is Kevin the king cobra.

Let me close this.

My things are really slippery.

I’ll see you guys after I clean my fingers.

All right time to take Justine out, beautiful-looking indonesian king Cobra that i named Justina after Justin, my good friend that raised this king cobra from about six feet to then around ten feet and tell him he ended up someone, this king cover to another venomous keeper and then eventually background of this keeper site.

He did not want the pink over any more.

And then Justina came home to me.

So this is justina, Indonesian king cover.

Look, she is on fire.

Look how beautiful she is.

She said: oh you’re, you’re the growling.

King covers are the only species of snake on the planet that can actually grab.

They have a modified trachea to allow them to do this.

And she who’s come to do that?

How cool, that crap.

I can’t come over here.

All right, there we go.

This is just.

You know well, she’s real, except that I relax here.

She’s going like crazy.

See if she’ll check you guys out.

She’s like what’s going on a meatball plan.

Can I give you a hint?

Can I give you a nibble?

Look at that.

A lot of you guys wonder what it would be like to be a camera operator for Chandler’s wild life, and I can tell you one thing: you better order a lot of underwear and make sure it’s the color black of Ram.

So put Justina in truth again.

There we go.

Oh, Cristina, all on the loose.

It’s ok, Justina, that he’s doing after this.

She’s fired today.

She’s not having it okay.

There you, Justina, the cantankerous, feisty, lovely, beautiful, marvelous King Cobra.

Fantastic, now let her soak in there, calm down, think about why she’s so angry.

All right, so we’ve got fresh water in here.

The cage is cleaned, so just steam.

I can go back in an enclosure.

Just move this and let’s see where’s just Venus.

Who’s this sniper?

Okay, She’s underwater

And she’s completely soaking her head.

She’s drinking up water.

She’s deep down in that water, so I’m actually gonna let her be for a couple moments.

Why her keeps soaking that good stuff up, and then we’re gonna pull her out, check her out.

She’s popped her head up.

She’s getting a breath.

She got a nice soap.

She stirs lots of water and now she’s getting big breaths after hanging out in the water.

Now it’s starting to somewhere of like a corral.

She’s well aware of what’s going on.

So let me reach inside.

Makes me look same.

The coloration is on top.

These are what’s called Chevron’s, these bands going down the king cobra.

They are beautiful.

On this one it’s a very light, light yellow, nearly white.

I see, and I hear you too, I’ll put her right into the enclosure.

I’m upset her too much because she’s getting a meal in an hour, or you back into your Torres shell, or not.

Really well, I hear you, don’t worry, I have something that’s gonna make really happy, your favorite food, awesome.

So we’re gonna let them be, let them relax.

She’s like, I’ll show you, relaxed.

So she’s in a nice Burmese python meal that we’ve got over here, where it’s going to be for about an hour.

Come back, we’re gonna feed him.

So get ready to see some hold the leash.

You also snake Phoenix.

Ah, boom, lit up.

Now you guys can look at Justine that sheets or food this guy by the tail, a nice delicious Burmese python, the lovely pleasures of keeping king covers and giving them what they want, alright, oh, okay, all right, go shove the rest right there.

Now we can safely watch her lunch down on my food right down the hatch.

Guys, Justina is never reluctant to eat.

She’s a beast.

Look at her.

Alright, guys, now I’m gonna give Kevin this Python.

Leave it right here, don’t take the tongs.

All right, the snake hi, have a nibble.

It’s tasting eggs, figuring it out.

It’s gonna buy a real necklace, Michael.

Nobody move, even the viewers at home.

Don’t move.

I know let’s cut up.

It’s not a whole Python like you like, but that’s a whole lot of food right there.

Go ahead, take a number, take a little nibble.

All right, guys, Jess, Tina’s done eating.

Kevin has not finished yet, so I’m just gonna walk up, just dance enclosure, let her be.

She’s right back down there we go, go.

So now she can be nice and comfy.

Won’t you digest your food and nobody disturbs her with the presence of people.

Come in, we don’t want her getting spooked while she’s slow digesting the meal.

Here we go.

So now she has a privacy.

She slowly gets used to people walking by a little opening and Kevin still has not eaten the food.

We’re gonna see if we could get this on footage.

So for that we’re gonna leave.

Come back in about 10 minutes.

So what you get.

The meantime I got some dishes to clean and some some some cook to clean.

Guys, it looks like Kevin’s not interested in eating in our presence, so I’m gonna leave the Python in there.

Let them be more important for him to eat.

They need to get on the phone, so I’m gonna let it be walk with this cage and I think that’s gonna be a wrap for today’s episode of sue.

I will see you on the next one.

Stay you, stay safe, you brains date.

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