Fascinating Battle Of The Most DANGEROUS BIG CATS In The World | Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah


When two of the top predators among big cats confront each other in an Ultimate Showdown, what will happen?

Who will emerge victorious in this highly dramatic battle?

With their strength, Speed and Agility, how have these Top Notch Hunters evolved to become such formidable foes?

Jonas, and watch the entire video- tiger vs lion and the confrontation of the most dangerous briquettes on the planet- to find answer.

Let’s go.

Tiger vs lion: the lion, the king who Reigns over all animal species.

The tiger, one of the top animals in the dance Forest.

They have different habitats, making it difficult for them to confront each other in the world.

However, in the zoo, these two Brave generals face off against each other, displaying other fighting abilities to strike back other opponents.

Thank you, Buff, belong to the big cats family, so they have similar tactics: turning upright, using their clothes to attack their opponents.

Lions are very competitive.

They have attacked Tigers unexpectedly in order to threaten them and keep them away from their mates.

But the tiger is no less.

It cannot tolerate the provocation of the land and is ready to engage in a fight, even if the opponent is in large numbers.

Because both of them are powerful and at the top they’re competitive and aggressive behavior is much greater than in fights with other animals.

The intense and suspenseful confrontations make it difficult to determine a clear winner between the two: lion versus leopard.

For Lions, they are creatures that do not allow any other animal to enter their territory.

As soon as a leopard crosses the boundary, it is noticed by the lion.

The lion lies in wait for the leopard, like its hunting prey, and leopard struggles to climb a tree to find safety.

But when the whole pride of lions gather under the tree to Chase and catch the leopard, its safety is treated.

Not only can leopard slam, but lands can too.

Because they both belong to the big cats group, the lands are attempting to climb the tree to catch the leopard.

Even the land cops are following along to learn from their parents.

Leopards are smaller than lions and do not live in large brights like lions, so it is difficult for them to win when surrounded by lions.

When a leopardy is attacked by lions, it is brutally assaulted by the strikes of many lions.

The bites are painful and the leopard cannot resist or Escape.

Eventually it succumbs to death from the strongest King in the land.

Even when the leopard is hunting from its own meal, dance can attack and seal its prey.

Is he gone or even in chance encounters lion cancellopods as prey and may attack them.

Luckily, the leopard can sometimes Escape.

Leopard vs Cheetah: for these two animal species it may be very difficult for you to distinguish them because they look very similar in appearance.

The easiest differentiating factor is body size.

Australia part is much larger than a cheetah.

However, Ichita is the fastest runner among all big cats.

Therefore, it is also very difficult for leopard to choose a cheetah as his prey.

Leopards primarily see cheetahs as their prey because they are always ready to hunt all animals, from small to large.

As soon as Ichita steps into the Leopold’s territory, it starts to Ambush and wait for the parade to attack.

Sochitas are extremely Vigilant in protecting their cups from the watchful eyes of leopards.

They fight with other might to prevent leopard attacks on their cheetah cups.

Chases between leopards and cheetahs still occur, but with the agility and speed of cheetahs they are able to escape the attacks of leopards.

Foreign tiger: similar to lions, tigers also have exciting and fascinating encounters with leopards.

Both are quite similar in their hunting tactics, been quick and patient.

However, as the leopard is smaller in size compared to the tiger, it is at a disadvantage in the fight with the Tiger leopard is not a much for Tiger.

Starting with its smaller body size, the leopard is already at a disadvantage.

It is overpowered and attacked by the Target.

The battle against the leopard ends in a devastating defeat.

Leopard is killed and eaten by the Tiger in a ruthless manner.

Lion vs Cheetah.

Different from leopard, land has engaged in numerous battles with much stronger enemies than cheetah.

Therefore, when facing cheetah, land can easily attack and kill them.

The land often hunts baby animals for food, which puts cheetah cubs in danger.

As a mother, Vegeta uses all her abilities to protect her cups.

She is willing to fight alone against the lion and uses herself as baits to lure the land away from the Cheetah cops.

The land fails and the Cheetah successfully protects her Offspring in a smart way.

It was a rare moment when a tiger was limping with a ninja leg.

It may have been caught in under strap and was lucky to get out.

A lone tiger in a puddle of water looks like it was sick.

It needs help.

The tiger quietly went into the jungle and a few days later the rescue team appeared and followed the footprints it left.

Sadly, the Great Tiger died a painful death.

It was poison.

A big male tiger from Chandrapur, India, spotted a young, submissive male tiger in his territory and decided to give the young male a good smacking foreign.

Apparently, the young tiger knew that it was a very dangerous situation and he always gave in.

That’s how it survives.

Two male tigers had such a heated conflict that they had to lie down painting in the grasslands.

The belligerent Tigers were injured, but none of them gave up.

They arrested and then continued the battle.

Foreign watch without any action to intervene.

What a laserly tiger.

This amazing footage makes us unable to take our eyes off the uncontours between Tigers.

This tiger picks up momentum with certainty and then jumps up and knocks down upon it, seizing the opportunity.

It was about to launch another powerful attack, but it was suddenly met with the pressy slap from the Fallen tiger.

That moment is so funny.

This dog thought that the tiger was fast asleep, so he was in a hurry to pass the tiger.

This is exactly a scam.

The tiger suddenly jumped up and grabbed it dead.

Truly a Sly tiger.

Did you see how pitiful the dog was?

You Hear The Cry of the baby ship.

It begs the Predator to give it a way to live, but the Predators instincts will not be swayed by their frail appearance of the prey.

That only provoked the tiger to finish the killing faster.

The party was struggling to pull his pound out of the Tiger’s mouth.

It used all its strength to move forward.

The tiger did not give up.

It bite the deer’s bleeding leg.

Suddenly the title jumped up: beating the neck of the prey and knocking it down.

It is ready to enjoy its prey.

Historically grazing without knowing that danger was near.

It’s called the Tigers.

Ah, eyes filled with death, the tiger started to act.

It Unleashed a decision: attack: capture the bull.


At the zoo in Naira, Gaza, male and a female tiger were fighting.

The reason was that the female tiger just had cups and she wants to keep them safe, so she doesn’t want the male tiger to come into her territory.

In Tigers it is very common that the male tiger kills and eats his own Cubs.

Therefore, this sort of behavior in Tigers is completely normal, foreign.

The confrontation between these two tigers will excite you.

They compete for a piece of meat.

At first they growl to intimidate each other.

A few minutes later they fought wildly.

The scene made viewers admire the power of the Tigers.

Not every battle between Lions is meant to determine winners and losers.

Sometimes it’s just their chance to make friends.

As in life, arguments can lead to better feelings later.

Thank you.

This tiger was playing happily when another tiger attacked suddenly from behind.

It panicked but still managed to regain its composure to fight off the angry tiger.

If you were in this above situation, what would you do?

The Majestic Tabota forest makes the Tigers battles more beautiful than ever.

The males are named as Samrat and Mowgli, who are in the middle of their young age and are fighting over the females named Mayuri.

What a Charming Tigress.

The tiger fights in the Copenhagen Zoo, violently, it seems, but a Moore tiger, Siberian tiger.

Male only shows his dominance over the female, but she gives him again and shows that she is taking in everything.

Tourists at the Kana National Park were lucky to have witnessed three tigers at the same moment, more to their Amusement.

Out of the three, there are two male Royal Bengal tigers who are fighting over the Tigris.

The battle becomes more epic than ever.

The confrontation between big cats are always exciting and thrilling.

In every moment they demonstrate their strength and intelligence.

In attacking their opponents.

There is brutality, Victory and defeat, but this is the low of survival in the world.

Don’t take your eyes off the screen and keep watching the most brutal battles in the world that we’ve compelled.

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