Everything You Need to Know About the Air Force’s New F-15EX

– when they won one megabyte on low level.

North Pittman, an advanced f15 and her Star Wars Canyon, nicknamed by fighter pilots who trained for low-level missions, as if they were x-wing pilots from the movie Kennedy screaming for the jagged California desert cliffs at blinding speeds.

Wrapping up a five-year long flight test program in Palmdale, California, a combined Boeing- Us Air Force test and evaluation team proved out next gen technology making a fighter even better, more lethal, 8×4 loadout with twelve missiles and a single aircraft, and have a four-ship of aircraft with 48 missiles defending a lane is pretty amazing, particularly in today’s threat environment.

Take my word, it’s not your father’s.

Is the F 15 Fly By Wire?

At fifteen, this is an advanced at 15, it has capabilities that we’ve never seen before and this fighter jet capabilities, like a fly-by-wire digital control system for precise f-15 handling-

Some of the high angle of attack capabilities that are on this airplane are- are really eye watering.

Wing weapon stations- one a9- are now open for business, which greatly increases the weapons carried capability to serve, playing a powerful advanced radar capable of supporting multiple missiles on target at a time, and arguably the world’s fastest mission computer- the advanced display core processor or a Dcp – capable of processing 87 billion instructions per second and running the fighter jets.

Electronic warfare systems also proven out the ability to fly very fast and very low.

We have a radar altimeter to go to fly, you know, down at a hundred feet or so, which a lot of other platforms don’t.

Don’t have that capability.

Confidence to fly twice the speed of sound and at low altitudes, comes from trust in the aircraft and fellow test team members.

We’re doing something.

Nobody else is done, you know, and that’s what we’re about: testing, flight testing, pushing the new advanced f15 to its limits.

The new fighters pilots have a message: they’re confident to deliver.

We’re coming.

Man, stay out of the way, cuz that 15, when it’s airborne it’s, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

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