END OF TARAWIH! Residents Shocked by the Appearance of an Angel’s Hand in the Night Sky, What Sign?

O Allah, Astagfirullahaladzim. yes, the sky has several times been reported to have strange and unusual phenomena.

From the appearance of UFOs changing the color of the sky to hearing strange sounds, often various strange and mysterious things too

Often appear to cause mass panic.

In fact, some of these incidents are reported to haunt local residents.

Of the many events on this earth, here are some unexpected events that occurred in the On The Spot version of the sky.

Appearance of lafadz Allah.

The residents were shocked by the

appearance of a cloud shaped like the word Allah in the sky: Pasir Pandak Hamlet, Kepuhan Timur Village, Rokan Hulu, Riau.

The emergence of this rare phenomenon occurred in the middle of Ramadan 1443 Hijriyah.

In the beginning, there were people who

Noticing the appearance of a cloud similar to the word Allah on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

Then, after several people captured it on video and uploaded it to social media, the phenomenon

immediately attracted public attention.

Apart from taking photos, Hasbi also broadcast live on his social media.

It is estimated that the appearance of the God-shaped cloud will be around 17.00 West Indonesia Time.

For Hasbi, this is his first time

Seeing clouds like Allah’s lafadz directly.

The emergence of the Cloud shortly after almost half an hour.

The shape of the cloud gradually changed and disappeared.

Subhanallah, really the power of Allah.


UFO-like clouds – Jayapura.

The appearance of a UFO-shaped cloud in the sky of Jayapura, Papua, went viral and made netizens excited.

Many tablets associate this natural event with the earthquake in Türkiye.

As seen on the Tik Tok account @gobay_lana.

The UFO-shaped cloud is clearly visible forming in the sky right above the residents’ houses.

Many netizens associate this natural phenomenon with the appearance of a UFO-shaped cloud in the

Turkish sky before the earthquake occurred.

Meanwhile, regarding the virality of this UFO-shaped cloud, the head of BMKG Region 5 Jayapura said the cloud is known as a lenticularis cloud.

Lenticularis clouds are shaped like lenses or plates that are formed by the wind

blowing parallel to the surface of the earth, but the clouds get resistance from certain objects, such as mountains, so that the air currents move up vertically.

The Kertanegara tsunami cloud circulates a video recording the appearance of black clouds that resemble terrible waves.

The video that records the appearance of spooky black clouds resembling waves was re-uploaded by the Instagram account @rangmedia on Monday, May 9 2022.

It is known from the upload of the video that the appearance of black clouds resembling waves occurred on Sunday

afternoon, May 8 2022.

The location is also known to be in the Gunung Sari area, Tabang District, Kutai Kartanegara Regency.

In the video, black clouds that form like waves appear to be moving fast around the river in Kutai Kartanegara.

It is still unknown if the video is edited or is it really a natural phenomenon, friend? the video made some netizens also amazed and amazed by the black cloud.

Mysterious black ring.

A video of a strange circle of black smoke hovering over the Russian capital has gone viral on social media, sparking questions on


Anton Grace, adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, clips on his Twitter page on Monday, which have so far been viewed by more than 2.2 million people, show a thick black ring over Moscow gradually fading at the end of the clip.

Ring videos

Another black also started circulating on social media.

One clip, which has so far been viewed more than 220,000 times, shows it from a different angle.

The ring is seen briefly rising into the sky in this clip. despite speculation among social media users, with some suggesting the video was fake or evidence of aliens.

Similar phenomena have been seen many times around the world.

Angel hands in the sky.

This mysterious appearance has shocked netizens around the world, as the name implies.

In the video uploaded by a netizen, a mysterious phenomenon is clearly visible where there is a light

resembling lightning rising into the sky.

Unique again, this lightning is not as usual, friend. if in general lightning moves from top to bottom, then this one lightning is the opposite. even if you pay attention, the appearance is like a giant hand that descends from the sky.

Experts believe that this is a normal phenomenon, but some UFO enthusiasts say that this sighting is

a sign

There is another life.

The truth of this video is not yet known, but this phenomenon has been very realistic since it was uploaded on social media.

The mysterious sighting also went viral and was flooded with comments by netizens earlier.

Some unexpected events happened in the sky, On The Spot version.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you guys are entertained and see you in the next newest On The Spot video:

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