Eagles Captures Monkey | Most Fascinating Eagle and Raptors Attack Moments | Eagle vs Wolf and Snake

Eagles are some of the most fascinating and deadly predators in the world.

They are fast and agile and capable of taking out prey many times their size and weight.

This video features some of the most incredible eagle and Raptors attack moments in the wild.

Stay tuned while these amazing moments are about to unfold.

Erica grabs a howler monkey with its large Talons.

It then snatches it off a tree and carries it away.

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A golden eagle, one of the most fierce predators in the world, takes on another top predator, a gray wolf, and comes out victorious in an epic battle.


Foreign foreign snake Eagle spots a venomous cobra snake slithering through the bush.

Rather than avoid the potential Danger, The Eagle challenges the Cobra and takes it out by sinking its powerful razor sharp talons into the snake’s head, which in return kills the Cobra instantly.


Thank you, foreign , which is one of the most highly maneuverable and agile of all birds in the world, manages to catch and take out a fairly large Duck swimming in a lake.

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An African Fish Eagle, one of the most abundant Eagles in Africa, perfectly times its attack to snatch a tigerfish out of a river.

With Incredible Grace and hunting skill, foreign eagles in the world chases and attacks a serval cat by grabbing it with its powerful claws, then carrying it away to a nearby tree to feed on it, thank you.

A snowy owl tracks and catches a Lemmy in a fascinating high-speed chase of attack in the Arctic tundra.

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Of all Eagles, its menu consists of practically any prey animal it can overpower.

One of them is mountain goat.

Although the goat weighs much more than the eagle, it manages to snatch the goat and drop it off a cliff in a move that kills the goat instantly and secures a meal for the eagle.

Thank you, Sparrow Hawk catches a speedy and highly maneuverable rabbit in a fascinating high speed chase.

Foreign Box, the fox’s Fierce and ferocious and tries to fight back.

Unfortunately for the fox, it is not as strong as the eagle and eventually the eagle takes it out and carries it away.

Ah, a red-tailed hawk spots a large rack foraging for food in an open field.

It then drops out of a tree, grabs the rodent with its razor-sharp towers and takes it out with a bite of its powerful View.

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