Dog Abandoned On A Desert Island Is Thrilled To Be Rescued

I just encounter an abandoned dog in really, really bad conditions on this island.

It’s a scorching hot day, about 100 degrees fahrenheit.

As i’m paddling on the tip of this island, i see a dog and he just starts crying in a way that i’ve never heard a dog cry before.

The dog just keeps looking at me and i can’t stand anymore.

It’s breaking my heart.

I have to do something about it.

I’m gonna try to find the dog and see if i can get him to get on the kayak.

As soon as he sees me you can really tell with happiness and the joy in his face.

I can tell that he is a family dog.

He’s probably been abandoned there.

He has no idea how to survive in the forest and i try to take him to my kayak

But he’s a bit doubtful about it.

Clearly he fears water.

I tried to convince him to get into the kayak but as soon as he puts his paw on the kayak he pushes it so he gets scared due to the movement of the kayak.

He looks at me like he wants to come with me, but he’s very scared and he doesn’t know what to do.

He’s like he’s coming and going, keeps coming and going.

I lift the dog and i put him in the kayak and i hold him there- everything’s okay,

And i cut the rope of my anchor and i jump into the kayak and he gets really scared.

He tries to jump, but i just pull him back into the kayak and i force him to stay there.

Now we’re going.

We’re going to rescue this baby.

He’s really really sweet.

He’s really really cute.

Hopefully everything’s going to be okay for the baby.

Oh my god, what a day.

It’s about a four kilometer paddle, two and a half miles.

I can really tell that he’s in real bad conditions.

He’s very malnourished.

He has advanced mensch little to no hair.

He hasn’t had a proper meal.

Who knows how long- i don’t know how long- he would have been able to survive there- almost there, buddy, he’s really scared.

We’re finally here on the shore, but the people from rescue will not be here until after an hour.

They’re going to take him to the bed to take care of the most urgent problems that he has.

He is super, super loving, extremely friendly.

I went to visit him five days after the rescue for the first time.

What’s up, guys.

This is jack.

Is this his foster home?

For now he’s staying at the vet’s backyard and you can see he’s very happy.

He was already looking much better.

He clearly had been taken care of.

He took a bath, he smelled better, his hair was starting to grow back.

He was really happy to see me as well.

He really recognizes me and i think it’s great.

Honestly, to save a life and to make a new friend is really rewarding, makes me feel really good that i managed to do this.

It was quite an adventure.

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