Daytime UFO sighting over Cincinnati, Ohio 20 August 2021

Is this a Ufo folks?

Oh, my goodness, i don’t zoom in as close as i can get.

What’s it look like?

I can’t see it.

It’s the closest i can see it, but true reality tv you witness in the Ufo

And it’s coming our way slowly but surely.

Can’t see what it is, but it’s not playing.

Coming our way slowly but shortly it went up, it went straight up.

Did you see that?

No, it disappeared.

Okay, it went up farther.

You know, she hold on this, that light beaming in my eyes like a mother.

I can’t see nothing, no more.

That’s crazy and i don’t see it at all.

Oh, i see it, but the light is big.

Oh, okay, the idea.

Come on now.

So if i was to take, i was just about to bring up ufos to this person, to this lady, and all of a sudden i look in the sky and here’s this thing just hovering in the sky, sitting still, as y’all can see it’s sitting still.

Then it took off.

That one way i mean.

No, i don’t know what that one way mean, probably, but it took off out of nowhere.

It’s dropping down now, as y’all can see, it’s dropping down.

I don’t want to move the camera because i want y’all to notice it’s dropping down, but i got to keep up with it took off.

Now i haven’t got in as close as i possibly can.

I really wish i could zoom in closer to see what it is some beaming in my eyes from the left of me.

This essentially didn’t make Kentucky, but that Cincinnati, Ohio, is hovering over and it looks.

It looks like what we consider a Ufo.

It’s flat straight.

See if your phone can zoom in closer way better.

It took off that last time and see how i just went behind a building.

It took off though the last year.

I can still see it.

You don’t see it going towards the bridge.

Now i got a light on it.

It might be a drone.

It’s coming our way.

No, i see it on camera, but it’s right here.

It’s a drone that just flying in the air right now.

Uh, we threw with it, folks.

We threw with it.

She said it’s a draw.

I’ma leave it alone.

I want to looked like a Ufo to me, but just now, when i sent it out of nowhere, i want to know how it’s flying so high.

I’ve never seen a drone that high.

Do you see it still?

No, you.

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