Cottonmouth Catches Glimpse Of Mouse & Striked!

What’s going on, guys.

Welcome back to another video here at Josue’s Exotics.

Today we’re going to be feeding one of my favorite snakes in the collection, the water Moccasin, the kistradon pissavors guys.

So he is currently upon this log here on the left side in front of the water bowl.

He’s facing the other side, going to the left.

So we’re gonna put a little mouse friend in here.

We’ll see, kind of, what happens.

I didn’t really want to take anything out of the enclosure because I kind of wanted to look it.

Let you guys get a look, see what his naturalistic enclosure looks like.

I know you guys don’t really get to see that too often, since I do take a lot of the stuff out

So I can make these videos for you.

But you know, let’s see what happens.

I think he’s finally getting a little whiff what’s going on?

Our Mouse friends over here on the left side of the cage, foreign, peeking out here a little bit, you’ll see him move in a minute.

So just keep the eye on a little slither face.

Right there there’s a mouse gets a little closer to imminent disposal, unfortunately.

Try to make sure I catch it on there.

Uh, oh, see the tongue flicking going on.

Definitely a good sign.

Hopefully we can see a good strike from this angle.

But now the thing is we got to get our Mouse over there to where our snake is.

That way he can actually see him.

I know he smells them because you see the ton flicking going on.

But what I might do is take me a little bit of time, pull out this one little thing with my tongs here- pretty easy to get out, boom.

Next order of business: we’re gonna go ahead and pull out or sit this up here, foreign cool.

So we got that on up

And you see him, look at him, he’s on the move.

Oh, I guess he decided he’s like.

You know, I’m just gonna go to my other hide.

Dad, you know, I smell something.

Something’s in here walking around.

There’s definitely some food.

He’s about to his skin soon, so I gotta make sure he’s hydrated.

He’s gonna get good and fed and he’ll be good to go.

Hmm, the mouth is just playing a little cat and mouse with the snake over here, or should I say cat and snake?

Oh, boom, look at that.

Oh, I knew that was coming.

Only thing he had to do was just see him.

See her mouth he’s.

He don’t know what to do.

You don’t know what he got hit with, just that.

He just know he ain’t doing good and this guy decided to jump behind the house.

Okay, now he’s coming out and back there.

Cool, he’s like biting onto the wood there.

Surprises wild out over here.

Come on, look at this, this guy’s going crazy over here.

Snakes like bro, what the what the world is going on?

Man came in here while we’re like that foreign, foreign.

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