Close call with KING COBRA!


Good girl, right up here, right up on my fancy little bench, right here, come on, you got to be quicker than that.

Oh, don’t mess and bite me on the nose now.

Green they come in green, and red they come in red.

Oh, my God, he’s looking at me.

He’s like my sweet potato Buttercup.

He’s still a dangerous snake.


Oh, what’s going on?

My beautiful people, i didn’t see you there.

Excuse me, i didn’t see you there.

Beautiful people, welcome back to another wildlife, with chandler’s, with Mr Wild just coming.

Mr Wild, Chandler’s wildlife was me last week, now Mr Wild, i’m just all kinds of people right here.

Look who’s waiting for me: my sweet little baby girl, Nadia, the siamese crocodile, waiting for a little bit of a snack and also to get her enclosure cleaned up.

Look at that beautiful, critically endangered crocodile.

Nothing i love better than waking up in my own oasis here in Florida, my own Paradise of crocodile conservation.

I’ve cultivated with my own two hands.

These fingers have been worked to the bone.

I’ve sweat, i’ve cried.

I’m not that much, but i bled for this facility and i can’t wait to continue to share you the progress of what i cultivate in this beautiful place.

All right, let me just get this unlocked.

I’ll tell you what the security in this facility is.

So, so high end.

We actually have attack koalas in the trees.

So if you think you can sneak in here at night, the dropping bears are gonna drop on to you.

Come on in, don’t be afraid i don’t bite, but my kitties do.

Come on, let’s go.

What’s going on, Nadia?

You ready to get your enclosure trimmed up?

The plants have been growing like crazy, this tropical storm coming through, making everything grow like weeds- because they are weeds.

Look at her.

She’s ready to go.

Before we go check her out, we’re actually going to see what’s going on with my new cayman, Clyde, because i put a little poll up.

I said, hey, should we keep his name as Greg, which is what the local neighbors in that neighborhood-

Greg was caught out of, named him, or should we name him Clyde?

Because when i was on my way to go pick up Clyde, Paul the dart from the gator boy said he was as hung as a codsdale and you guys said that Clyde would be a real good name.

So cloud the cayman it is, and if we get a girl, can be Bonnie and Clyde.

Let’s see.

I got some fresh organic turkey right here.

We’re gonna play around so you can get this crocodile and eat some food.

He actually comes out and hangs up on the land right here in the morning and fast, so he’s doing good.

He’s nice and comfy.

I got some feeding forceps with some turkey.

We’re going to see if maybe he’ll eat some.

All right, so he’s spooked right off the bat.

Want some of that glad, glad.

You want some awesome chicken.

I want some turkey bad.

Oh, he’s soaping his mouth.

Oh, it’s in his mouth.

Maybe he’ll taste it and realize that’s some good taco right there.

And what i’ll do is i’ll take this other wing right here and we’re going to put it right on this other side.

See if we can actually eat.

Gotta be.

I just felt the feeding forceps get crushed.

These are really dangerous to use.

I never use these for big crocodilians.

I just hold it from the outside because if you go like this with your hands and you try to feed a big cayman, a gator or a croc and they crush it, your hands are going to get stuck in the feeding forceps.

So these aren’t the safest to use.

If you ever use these for animals with big bite forces, hold the outside, don’t put your fingers in them.

All right, so he’s actually got that.

That’s awesome.

He’s got turkey in his mouth.

He might actually end up eating that one more piece.

Put it in the water so he has a good meal.

If he ends up eating all that, all that Delicious Turkey and chicken, we’ll save this little piece for Nadia.

No idea, the sign is crocodile.

Let’s go weed whacker enclosure.

Let’s get into Nadia’s enclosure, my beautiful siamese crocodile.

She is already looking at me.

I’m not going to use these forceps because it’s just going to be trouble for me.

Let’s get her to come over here.

No idea, Nadia, no idea.

Hold, hold, hold, uh, uh, uh, uh.

You can’t get food.

If you’re gonna act naughty, hold, pull, uh-uh, hold.

I gotta weed whack your enclosure and i can’t we whack it if you’re causing so much trouble.

Oh, old, old, old, good girl.

Oh, how about the jaw force in that crocodile?

Crocodiles can have anywhere from 2 500 to over 3 500 pounds per scrunch pressure in their jaws.

That’s literally two and a half times greater draw force than the great white shark.

You better stay there, watch out, naughty.

All right.

So we’re gonna do is leave the bucket right here.

She can stare at that bucket all day.

I need a weed whack all around here because you can see the grass has been getting crazy.

So let’s see, let me get this started, hopefully without upsetting Nadia too much.

You wanted to stick with machines that make not too much noise so they don’t get stressed out, but this will get the job done.

It’s too overgrown in here, so always for eye protection: no more weeds.

It’s a nice weed wrapped enclosure.

I know, i know my energy levels are up and down like drinking red water, but that’s okay.

That’s what it’s all about: the wildlife.

All right, beautiful people, let me take my uh, broken weed whacker, probably after all the whacking i just did.

All right, guys, look at this.

Just came back over to look at Clyde the Cayman.

As you can see, he’s got that big chunk of turkey in his mouth, so hopefully, when everyone leaves, he chomps down all this food, i don’t know by tomorrow, but on the other hand, Nadia is ready to eat that food.

Come on, Nadia, Nadia, come on.

Oh, you’re gonna be sneaky, huh?

I see there’s a little crocodile head right here and because you’re behaving so well, here you go.

She is such a mischievous little crocodile- look at her shooting over there.

She’s going to swallow her prey when she feels comfy, but, as you can see, it’s raining now.

So i just want to have a little bit of a positive end to getting her own closure weed wax, because obviously she does not enjoy all that noise, all that ruckus.

But when the weeds get really tall, real fast gotta get rid of them.

I got a couple more chunks right here.

We’ll leave it right here on the bank.

She’ll find it, so enjoy it later.

Let’s go see how the snakes are doing.


All right, i’ll see you at the snake house.

All right, i’ll see you at the snake house.

Really, i’ll see you there.

Let’s see if my little boy wants to have a flower or two.

Boy boy, get what they say.

You want this?

Ah, you want this, Mr Bakes.

Oh, there’s a little taste.

Come on, you want some more?

I know you too.

Come on.

Come on.

Okay, this is Mr Bakes, the Utila island iguana.

You can see he’s being kind of shy because he’s not used to eating on camera.

Come on, Mr Banks, he loves hibiscus flowers.

He’s a critically endangered Utilla island iguana.

They only come from the Attila island off of honduras, so they’re actually a critically endangered species, but most critically endangered, the most endangered out of all, the Spidey Kelly Iguanas.

Come on, man, come on.

You know you want this flower.

It tastes so good, man.

Oh, a little, a little much for you.

A little much for you?

Huh, all right, one little more money, oh a little.

Oh, he loves his flowers.

These island iguanas just love hibiscus flowers.

Come on, you want to finish?

This guy?

Come on, come on, there you go.

Hey, my guy is so happy.

He’s the flower.

He’s a strong guy.

Look at him.

Look at him, he’s such a strong guy.

Huh, what a beautiful man.

And then he gets this flower too, because he’s such a good guy.

Huh, that’s for you.

Let’s catch you in machine.

Oh, he’s a good guy, that’s my man.

Let’s go eat.

All right, let’s go see what’s going on in the snake House.

Eyelash Viper

Ah, i didn’t see you there.

Hey, while you’re here, let’s do some feeding.

I got a little mouse fuzzy- this guy volunteered for the program-

And i got a beautiful little eyelash viper.

Look at this, take a look at this snake.

A beautiful yellow, black, speckled eyelash fiber with a little bit of orange tint.

I’d say that’s.

It’s quite nice, quite nice.

These guys are actually quite variable.

They come in silver, they come in white.

They come in black.

They come in green, they come in green and red, they come in red.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, that was very anti-climactic.

You want to eat this?

It’s just, it’s for you.

I’ve never seen you turn down food before.

You took one bite and he’s like i actually don’t want it.

I was only, oh, going along with it for the video, all right.

Well, he has it sort of he’s doing a little little dancy thing.

You’re gonna eat that.

You better eat that, buddy.

Look at that eyelash viper.

That is such a beautiful snake.

Gold is well gold.

All right, let’s get this nice and secure, lock that up and move on to the next snake.


All right, beautiful people, let’s give everyone a little snack, make everyone feel better.

But before, before we feed the engineer, we got to take care of my buddy.

Jack, Jack.

You want some food?

Come on, Jack, come on Jack.

While i’m dealing with everyone, i’ll let him get some roaming time, get some exercise, and then maybe at the end we’ll let Kevin, the king Cobra, do the same.

You want this?

You got to be quicker than that.

Come on, you got to be quicker than that.

Come on, there you go, big boy.

Put some meat on them straps right there.

Look at his skin shedding all the time because he’s a growing komodo dragon.

Just kidding.

Just a lace monitor from Australia, closely related to the dragon.

Let’s get a nice sized mouse right here.

We got a bunch of x-breeder mics that were donated.

Let’s see, look at this big boy, my indian Cobra, also known as a spectacle cobra, Nayanaya.

You want this?

Ooh, you want this a little something tasty.

Come on, don’t miss and bite me on the nose now.

Come on right there for you.

Look, oh, Oh yeah, not accurate.

Come on, it’s food.

I swear he’s like.

Wait one second, not enemy, but tasty mouse Burrito.

Muy Caliente, baby.

All right, let me close that up.

Put a lock on that, make sure it’s nice and secure.

The next one up on the list is actually Kobe the black mamba, but he’s in the shedding process, actually the last part of the shedding process, because he’s actually looking pretty clear right now like the indian color was just taking that down like it’s air.

He is hungry, all right.

So let’s see if Kobe the black mamba is willing to eat a mouse fuzzy.

Good, a good sized mouse fuzzy right here.

Give them a good meal, make them.

Nice and happy.

You hungry, you want this, you want this.

Come on, look at the black on the inside the mouth.

That’s why they call them black mambas.

Look at that, he is so cool.

Nice bite right on the neck, nice little meal to help him keep growing.

All right, so let me close that.

Oh, everything’s falling.

Look at him.

Look, i’m just chewing away right now.

That is such a good-looking snake, locked and secure.

We’ll let these guys enjoy their food.

Indian Cobra just finished that mouse like it was nothing, just a quick little snack.

That’s so cool.

Gotta love reptiles jack.

What are you doing there, boy?

Come on, jack, you want this whoop, you want this?

Oh oh no, come on, give me a chance to give you some enrichment.

You know, i want you to just just the tail.

Come on, come on.

Come on right up here, right up on my fancy little bench, right here.

Come on, you got gotta be quicker than that.

You gotta be quicker than that.

There you go.

That’s my boy, my, my floppy lizard, my floppy lizard boy right there.

Let’s see if the Little Inland Taipan Stevie dropped the drop.

The most venomous snake on the planet wants to eat a little mouse fuzzy.

He’s becoming more and more inquisitive to eat in front of us.

Whereas before he was so spooked almost all the time, i see that he’s already in the hide right there in the back.

You gonna eat in front of everyone.

Hello, come on.

Come on, little taipan.

Come on world’s most venomous snake cavalier meal.

Oh, they’re so cool.

Nothing cooler than australian animals.

Well, maybe king Cobra skin goers might be cool.

You want a little mouse?

Huh fuzzy.

This is way better than he used to be.

He used to be so shy he won’t even come out.

Whoa, look at that.

How about that for a feeding response?

All right, well, we’re gonna let him be, because he’s probably not gonna eat that in front of us.

He’s just going to drag it right into his hide.

So what i’ll do is i’ll put this glass back and we’ll move on to the next animal.

Oh, all right, jack time to go back in your enclosure.

I got to take care of your more dangerous roommates, so let’s get you back inside.

There you go, big boy.

Go on and do your thing, all right?

Well, Kobe Dinkelman is enjoying his food.

Let’s see if this complaint black snake lead in front of us.

This snake treat this one like a taipan too.

Propane black snake only found in Papua new guinea, and they play new games.

Hey, how’s that for a crazy snake?

Let’s see here you take that mouse

And i’m gonna close this up.

Holy Smokes, how about that?

What do you think, Kevin?

Kevin seems to be a bit hungry.

He’s getting a little excited.

I gotta clean his enclosure, so we’ll do that.

Last then we have my little monsters.

Would you like some more?

My little monster? or my sports?

Oh, stuff it right into your mouth to get nice and big.

Look at you.

You don’t even know what to do with yourself, you big fat boy.

Oh, i could kiss you on the lips if you didn’t have a whole bunch of mangled mice in your mouth.

Or isn’t that about?

For a room?


All right, so we’re gonna just take care of skittles.

Skittles is an ethiopian cobra, basically the egyptian Cobra, but with a beautiful reddish hue, and this snake is very defensive.

She’s not eating this week because she’s a bigger girl, she has big meals.

So we’re just going to clean up her enclosure.

Okay, nice and easy, okay.

And she looks like she might be a little bit.

She might be a little bit blind because she’s going to shed.

Hey, look at you big girl, look at her.

You can see her eyes are very opaque and she is very defensive.

She can only see shadows right now.

But even if she could see, she still doesn’t like me, no matter what.

So let’s see if we can redirect her little skittles.

Trying to get her by?

Woohoo, trying to get her by her.

Did you see that?

She just pooped everywhere?

Beautiful ethiopian Cobra, a very, very dangerous snake to get bit by because they have a nasty combination in their venom that will leave you dead.

So let’s get that covered up.

Oh, there’s musk everywhere.

I’m going to do a deep clean on this cage.

I’m actually going to do a deep clean on this cage, this cage, this cage.

So we’re going to cut right to the good parts.

I’ll see you guys.

A split, clean and closure.

Good to go.

Let’s get this beautiful girl skills back where she belongs.

Hello, skittles, you were.

You were just such a darling little little cup of sunshine.

Let me just pull you out right there by coil.

Look at that.

Aren’t you just a cutie?

Look at her.

Okay, maybe we’ll just put it right back inside your hood.

Here you go, baby, nice and clean, fresh mulch.

You go explore.

Now do your thing, shed that skin off and become a new.

You, baby, all right, just gonna close that up.

Make sure it’s nice and secure.

There we go.


Oh okay, all right, relax now, baby, relax.


Senor Pepe, my big Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake.

I know you guys always love to see him and he needs a good cleaning do-do in there.

That needs to be skittles.

We’re done.

We’re done cleaning your enclosure.

We’re not messing with you, so please just do your thing and and uh, we’ll leave you alone.

All right, Pepe, let me just move your hide out of the way.

There we go.

This is a big hide, take up so much space.

Come on, Pepe, come on, come on, baby.

You’re a big son of a gun.

Come on, son, did you go on?

Weight watchers?

You look, you look real thick.

There we go.

Gotta watch that tail because i don’t want his rattle breaking.

Nice and nice and easy, Pepe.

Nice and easy.

Look at him, big Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake, one of the coolest reptiles on the planet.

And look, he’s just not trying to hurt me, she’s just, uh, he’s looking around wondering what’s going on.

He’s gonna gently put him right into the holding receptacle.

Nice and easy.

There we go.

You stay in there.

There we go.

How’s that for a rattler?

What’s that, Pepe?

Uh, leave wet, leave dry, clean towels on the bed.

Okay, all right.

So i’m gonna do a deep clean.

Okay, we’re done with you.

I’m gonna do a deep queen.

Come on, yeah, and i’ll see you guys in a split.

Have a look at this, oh, look at this.

Clean, clean, clean, clean.

Oh, you’re not clean.

Ah, you’re filthy because you watch while pooping on the toilet.

Yes, i’ve made this joke many times because it’s not a joke.

I know you’re pooping right now, but that’s okay, just subscribe and like: okay, let’s put back Senor, Pepe, hello, that sounds like, uh, that sounds like a good time to me.

Let’s open this up.

Nice and easy.

Oh, i got a little paper towel, that one.

There we go.

Mama Mia, that’s a big boy.

Wow, let’s get him right into his setup.

Nice and easy, there we go.

Fresh water, new mulch-

There we go.

Very nice, got a little something stuck in the truck.

Yeah, All right, let me get a lock and secure this enclosure, because that’s secure, that’s all that matters.

Next we’re dealing with my big boy, Kevin Kevin.

How are you?

Hey, Kevin Kevin went to the bathroom in his enclosure, so i want to spot clean it.

Make sure i get out the Leftover Python that he’s got in there.

Let’s see, let’s let him out.

We’re gonna let him stretch.

Come on, big boy, come Kevin, come.

Kevin’s my malaysian king Cobra.

I love him.

I’ve had him for over four years probably now, and he is a beast and he is an awesome ambassador for King cobras.

Look at him.

He is a beast of a snake.

Look at that.

I love Kevin so much.

This is the longest venomous snake on the planet with the second largest venom yield of any venomous reptile.

Now, understand, he’s not trying to chase him down or anything.

Right now he literally is just trying to run past me and go crawl around because now he’s in flight mode.

Kevin, relax, nice and easy.

You just stare at my cameraman and make me feel nice and comfortable while i clean your enclosures.

There we go, Kevin.

You keep, you keep adjusting nice and comfortable while i do some maintenance.


Yeah, there we go.

Take out the glass, get it ready for cleaning, get all my cleaning materials.

Wow, never have i ever seen the bones not get digested when Kevin needs a paranoid.

Look at this.

This is the last section of a burmese python level- the Vertebrae.

Look at that.

Look at this, Kevin, you pooped it out.

Good for you, man.

That looks like it was painful.

It’s almost more painful than the time i cleaned a tiger enclosure and saw shards of chicken bones sticking out of the coop, like how did he get that out?

Screaming: no, Kevin, you can’t have the green mamba, stay away from him, don’t go biting my ankles now while i’m cleaning.

Oh, what’s this?

Another, Oh, another prize.

Thank you, Kevin.

Yeah, This is marvelous.

This is oh, justina, not you, not now.

Oh, Yay, Mr Kevin has a nice, clean enclosure and, as you can see, he is looking magnificent.

Look at this world’s largest venomous snake.

And they have the capability of eating any other snake that comes across, even the reticulated python, if it’s small enough to get down there going.

Look at him.

I love him so much.

He’s focused on me, he’s looking at me, he’s like my sweetie, though he’s still a dangerous snake, don’t get me wrong.

This snake could still easily envenomate me, but i know it very well.

Right, all right, let’s put him back.

At the end of the day, he’s not a puppy.

Any wrong move and you can end up in the hospital.

Kevin, my big boy, how cool is that king cobra?

All right, let’s put him right into his enclosure, nice and easy.

Oh, still got to put the rest of the glass back.

Got too excited for this one.

Come on, big boy, get that thing on there.

Come on, there you go.

A little bit of a tickle there we go, bam, get a lock on that.

Make sure it is nice and secure.

Secure, good to go.

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode.

Comment below what you want to see next.

Comment below: how do you feel about that name, Clyde?

I think it’s a pretty good name for that, Cayman Clyde.

They came in to get a girl.

I love this place.

Man, follow your dreams, do what you love in life, because if you don’t, what’s the point of even being around?

Come on, do what you love.

You wanna be a skateboarder?

Start doing some tricks.

You wanna be an astronaut?

Start holding your breath underwater, you’ll wanna.

You wanna be a wildlife enthusiast?

Get out in the field and go enjoy nature.

I love you guys.

I’ll see you on the next one.

Stay beautiful, stay safe.

Most of all, have a good time, baby, i’ll see you next one.

Oh yeah,

What’s going on, my beautiful people?

I didn’t see you there.

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