Just because it’s jumbo, there’s bite, bite, bite, guys, it’s really good and also like this, magic, Wow, dryer, look, friends, see you again.

This time we are in Garut, coincidentally right there was the kangaroo Gun, tell me, in the chicken coop there is a snake, friends, that’s not bad, we’re cleaning up, we’ll make content first, friends, who know


Okay, who is it, lately, memory, the motorbike was washed down because of the car, finally, okay, let’s go, OK, sir, he said he didn’t dare, There was a snake, came in, there were two chickens.

Oh, is that so, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, mah, read + memory, safe, shoot, where is it at the airport, Uh, who, Street 65, score, don’t be shy, atuh, naon, cuk, enough southerners, kurambeo, hike Yona, Turkey, get drunk, that, he, hope, daddy, wake up, laugh, all the girls can run away, yang Bonang, anxiety, finally, Hi, honor, coloring, after Iyo mah, it’s not appropriate to use plants, so it’s Anggun, it has an office cage, that’s sad

, Kebon Kacang, Dad, you see, if you build a cage near a settlement, it will definitely smell of laughter.

Today’s verse: Hi, chickens, because lovers of harvesting chickens.

Here, sir, we mean happen, just tidy it up, here, sometimes we use it to treat wounds.

Yes, tea, party wear.

Ouch, hi, hi, Stupid, you can have red eyes, Bunaken, Is it safe, you know me, Come on, can tomorrow’s channel or not if

Raisa deh

Get away, where are the people?

Adek, which people print Cianjur, that’s not enough, I think it can’t be much, but

for Hai people, this will pass through Bakauheni Village, just like Pratama. , Charles orange, because the seat cover was already Lampung, the truth is about big, big, big, so it’s already familiar when the snake enters the chicken coop, friends, Hi, it’s wrong, you put it to eat white ac1a, but it turns out to be heard by the public .

Soft chicken, sugar, poignant, the fragrance lingers, there are anaphora, battery, aaa, Hi, hey, you, Hajrah, Ardi, pori-pori, waiting for you, over there.

It was like: come on, come on, tomorrow, fantezy, giocondo, yerbuka, fat, match us up, war, where the canteen is for big women, can, sir, arrive talakua, support, live, you know, you know, I come to bourgeois women , lockerbat, what I’m talking about, Weja, yeah, OK, here’s a fix, King Cobra, mouffe, King Cobra like this, wookie, talking cobra, usually hideng color, however, King Cobra, Daddy, stripes, and now someone els

e , other people, but King Cobra, Okay, Baygon, Uh, okay, well, it was like this when living in Emang Rafli’s nature, like this, friends, remember, they said there were two tails.

Try catching it with yellow color by students, following the Bawakaraeng restaurant review, Bang, macaroni, macaroni, well, okay, okay, Yes, this has just changed its skin, because the color is deep black, friends, this is really big in size, maintenance is more visible , so this head is a lot, friends.

Uh, uh, speed, Hi, Rizky, little brother, came in around a bit naughty before. Look, uh, why did you come in?

Look, Uh, you stupid dog, because it’s so fast, guys, okay, it’s hard, uh, the sack that worked first because it’s straight up LED poop.

This review characterizes like this, guys, OK,


Yeah, yeah, different character. Okay, this is her hus

band, a man, because it looks

If the male dips a little, then he stands even more firmly, God damn it, goes to Laura.

Ah, about Gem, OK, don’t forget to be centrasic, use it, use it, Good, Tuh. Look, there’s another photo like this, there’s only a photo of a red dog or pig, that’s one photo.

There are a lot of friends and that’s true again, Ma’am 3, try to point out, OK, I mean, if you talk directly to Hi, only island area, come on.

Uh, one quail first met, as if you know, the equipment for Mangkang Wetan is really difficult. It’s really help, op

en it. Fancy, it’s not big enough.

See, friends, those are the fleas, fate. It feels strange, friends, to see that the place you want the king cobra to be is predominantly green.

In my place in Cianjur it’s hot, the color is more dominant white, friends, this pattern here, it’s quite visible here

Sep, no, this is quite big, quite jumbo, look at the snake, if you go straight like this, this is a sign of lust, friends, that’s okay, okay, you guys. so let’s try to comb over hello, hello, how do you clean up people, Oh, just the number, I saw Ilo, Gitop

ati, Luther, al-Baqarah, Kunaon, Tea, I forgot the rice fields in front.

The video is like that, I’m in Cianjur, the richest Hollywood, that starts in Beijing.

At that time, it was really dangerous to be working, cleaning the house, wae, trading normally

More cobra, just brought it to the fields.

Yes, definitely jhanjar, cow snake or koros snake, friends. whereas in the chicken coop there are lots of rats, it’s snake fishing.

Come here, friends, and the predator is the King Cobra, it also has sand on its face and that’s kebonawi.

See, friends, that’s kebonawi, that

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