Brave Mother Elephant Was Br.utal Bitten By Hyenas To Save Poor Baby Elephant | Wild Animal

In the animal world.

It’s definitely impossible to blame the cruel Wars of all species.

Before running far, the baby elephant jumped up and grabbed the lines back.

The baby elephant is standing drinking water by the river behind.

The lion is stealthily approaching.

Before he could arrive, the baby elephant turned his head, saw the lion and ran away.

Before running far, the baby elephant jumped up and grabbed the lines back.

Unable to resist the Lion’s grip, the baby elephant fell.

Another lion rushed in to assist, quickly taking down the prey thanks to the large body.

The elephant approached and knocked the calf playing nearby.

It grabbed the calf with its trunk and tossed it from side to side.

The elephant butts make the carve extremely painful.

After not seeing the calf move for a while, the elephant left.

Very intense fight is going on between the elephant and the lion.

The lion tries to abide and cling to the elephant’s ears.

The Lion’s sharp teeth cause pain to the elephant.

The elephants panicked and tries to push the lion away, but the lion still does not let go.

After many attempts, the elephant finally Knocks The Lion away, taking the opportunity.

The elephant escaped in the dark.

The Lion’s sharp gaze never took his eyes off the elephants intelligence.

The lion has lured the prey out of the herd.

Taking the opportunity, the lion rushed about the prey mercilessly.

Despite his large body, the elephant still could not defeat This ferocious group of lions.

It became the Lion’s Hearty dinner.

The lion is trying to dig something in the ground.

After digging for a while, the wild ball was pulled up by the line’s sharp teeth.

Thank you.

With the struggle of the wild boar the Lion tightened his prey even more.

Seeing that the lion had caught the prey just ready to eat.

The Hyena to fight.

With the lion constantly being bitten by a lion and chased away.

Hyena accepted quickly, snatched a piece of bait and ran away.

Mother elephant standing guard for her sick baby.

Seeing a good opportunity, the hyenas were waiting around for an opening and then grabbing their prey.

When the mother elephant lost her focus, a hyena came in and pulled the baby elephant away.

The mother elephant realizes it and keeps it.

Too late in the midst of the herd of hyenas.

The lion still doesn’t panic, chase away the hyenas easily, then come back to continue enjoying their prey.

The hyenas turned and bit the lines back.

So the lion was very angry and rushed by the Hyena very fiercely.

Those merciless bites caused the hyena to panic but not approach.

No more disturbance.

The lion continues to enjoy his spoils.

Hyenas tried to Chase and Surround their prey.

The painful bites of the hyenas caused the zebra to fall to its knees and weaken Zebra tried to use what little strength had left to get up.

But the hyenas don’t give the zebras a chance.

Zebras weaken and no longer resist.

The hyenas swarmed to mercilessly tear into their prey.

A huge elephant is walking toward the lake.

A mother rhinoceros saw the elephant approaching.

Afraid that her child could be threatened, it rushed to Chase to protect her baby.

The mother rhinoceros rushed out to confront the elephant.

The confrontation was not balanced.

Only a few shoves from the elephant and the rhinoceros panicked and ran away.

The elephant family is crossing the river together.

Foreign cried out in Bane.

Crocodile bites made the baby elephant unable to stand.

Not stopping at the pain, the crocodile continues to bite the prey to death.

Seeing that the prey was dead, the crocodiles gathered together and fought fiercely.

When the stomach is full, the crocodile leaves.

Another unlucky baby Buffalo was targeted by the hyenas.

They mercilessly rushed up to tear the young Buffalo from the back.

The bites hurt to the bone, making the Buffalo have no resistance.

Dedicate the last of my strength to the walk, but the young Buffalo still collapsed from the painful bites of the Hyena.

The Hyena tries to snatch the prey from the blanket.

After several failed attempts, the Hyena made a bold decision, dragging both the prey and the shepherd to the other place.

Very bright, the shepherd gave up and crawled away.

Hyenas alone and advantage while dogs are trying to best to chase the Buffaloes.

The young Buffalo was caught by a pack of wild dogs, swarm around and bite to prevent their prey from escaping.

The mother Buffalo saw this and ran to save her child.

Due to the fierceness of the wild dogs, the mother Buffalo was helpless to run away.

Unable to resist a pack of dogs, the young Buffalo weakened and fell down.

Fate has been delayed since, even though it was just born, is trying hard to chase the wildebeest, but it runs away when it sees it.

A war-blooded wildebeest sees the Hyena approaching and immediately countering the predator

The chase goes on, but with the help of a few more hyenas.

Wildebeest have been bitten by the hyenas.

The healthy wildebeest fell before the hyenas, seeing his comrade being bitten by a Hyena.

Wild dogs together rushed to bite the enemy.

Constantly being bitten, hyenas are panicking, enduring the painful bites.

The Hyena fiercely rushed to bite the wild dogs.

When one more Hyena came to help, the situation changed.

The lion rushes to the Cub to chase the food Thief at lightning speed.

Very quickly the prey was in the lion’s mouth.

But the lion also just bites the opponent warning and lets it Go and goes back to the hunt.

Wild dogs are chasing wildebeest in the vast grassland.

A very clever wildebeest ran to his herd for help, but the pack of wild dogs didn’t give up easily and still fiercely pursued.

A wildebeest that ran the wrong way became a target for the wild dogs.

He tried its best but it was still caught by the bloodthirsty predators.

And everybody knows the end.

The pack of wild dogs together brutally tore their prey.

Approaching Hyena made the wild dogs angry.

Changing the target, the pack of wild dogs rushed about the hyenas savagely.

Hyenas are trying to reach the Rhino. mother and baby, see the danger to your child.

The mother Rhino tries to chase them away.

Which side do you think will win?

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