This adorable Fox with a glass jar stuffed on its head Moses over to a couple of hunters in desperate need of some human help.

When this dog owner realizes his beloved dog is drowning, he Springs into action to play doggy lifeguard.

Vicious mountain lion caught in a bear trap reluctantly accepts help from a brave hunter that risks his life to save the big cat.

After being extracted from a precarious position by a Good Samaritan, this Fawn runs back to its mom who’s patiently waiting in gratitude.

Ropes, boats and human Ingenuity work together to rescue a baby great white shark that accidentally swam into an extremely low tide.

Rather than immediately take off after being rescued from a tin can, this furry Fox sticks around to hang with his new best friend.

Foreign, aren’t you?

There’s no stopping this Brave and loving dog owner from marching into a blazing Inferno to retrieve his best buddy.

With time and a bit of patience, this hero of an officer is finally able to coax a dog to safety that’s stuck in the middle of the main road.

What comes right on time for this Kingfisher woodpecker whose beak is launched in a tree from pecking way too hard?

Watch this crazy man risk his life to develop intimate relationships with various species of deadly cats.

After discovering this enormous Green Turtle docked on the dry Reef, this couple uses brute strength and a wood plank to save its life.

This terrified squirrel couldn’t be happier after getting released from a bundle of stray fishing lines left in the middle of a forest.

Foreign baby monkeys warmly embraced this man that marched to a swamp to rescue them from drowning.

Realizing that their drowning Turtle friend is in dire need of some help, this team of turtles band together to flip him right side up.

Sane and extremely talented, this famous Hollywood grizzly bear trainer places his entire head in the jaws of his 1300 pound friend.

Laughs after getting struck by a car on a bustling Highway, this insanely lucky dog lives to see another day, thanks to the officer that rescued him.

Lucky for this vicious dog, a shirtless, Brave man puts fear and a bite to the hand aside to rescue it from a deadly frozen lake.

Totally confused by its Rescuers intentions, this kitten finally relaxes enough to get plucked from a 12th floor Terrace.

Foreign Ty pigs of all ages are rescued by a compassionate crew of firefighters.

From what looks to be a gigantic burning pig farm could have easily turned into a deadly situation transforms into a celebration as this man and his elephant friends run in perfect stride.

Good morning.

The help of an animal control poll and a team member, this saint of a man successfully releases a fox that’s trapped in the v of a tree.

After realizing that this baby Kangaroo is swimming out to sea, a brave fisherman secures him by the neck and drags him to dry land.

Likely stunned after getting struck by a car, this Fawn needed a Little Help From a human to carry back on into the forest, dying from thirst.

In the Algerian desert, this camel that gave up on life is nursed back to health thanks to a Friendly Stranger with some water.

Everything on the other side of this fence grabs the hind legs of a stuck deer, launching it back to safety.

Foreign goats accidentally strangle their friend to unconsciousness.

A man steps in to successfully perform Goat Cpr.

A baby calf tragically slips into a raging River and two heroic men risk their own lives to drag the calf back to safety.

Okay, the Thirsty and desperate giant bugs stuck at a muddy riverbed is dragged and nursed back to safety by a group of animal lovers.

Foreign football arena erupts in Joy after a group of Savvy fans successfully catch a falling cat from an upper bleacher.

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