Amazing Wolves, Wild-Dogs, Jackals and Hyenas Attack Moments | Jackal vs Flamingo and Wolves vs Bear

The dog family includes some of the most fascinating Predators on Earth, including wolves, wild dogs, hyenas and foxes.

This episode features some of their most incredible attack moments in the wild.

Stay tuned while these amazing moments are about to unfold.

A black back Jackal targets one of the largest and heaviest birds in the world, Flamingo- and takes it out with Incredible Speed and Agility.

All right, wild dogs are one of the most successful and feared predators in Africa, so when they set their sight on a warthog, it practically stands no chance of escaping and ultimately it falls prey for the dogs.

Red Fox grabs a large nutrient swamp rack with its sharp canine teeth and takes it out with a single power play.

A single hyena incredibly manages to bring down a one-ton Buffalo.

A pack of gray wolves go after a herd of bison and are able to bring down the Behemoth one ton herbivore with the help of an unexpected Ally.

Another Buffalo, foreign, capitalizes on a hunting opportunity and snatches a guinea fowl mid-air with an incredible acrobatic vertical jump.

Foreign, a golden eagle, one of the world’s top predators, takes on another top predator, gray Wolf, and manages to overpower it by sinking in its razor-sharp Talons into the wolf, which practically eliminates the wolf’s ability to fight back.

When lions and hyenas, two of Africa’s top predators, fight over a kill, it turns into an epic battle of sheer power and ferocity with only one winner.

A Canadian lynx captures another Predator- red fox- in a fascinating high-speed chase over deep snow.

A pack of Arctic wolves Target one of the most speedy and Elusive prey animals in the world Arctic air, and managed to catch it with amazing team effort and hunting skill, thank you.

Out in the Australian desert, also known as the Outback, one of Australia’s top predators, Bingo manages to nav a large kangaroo and overpowers with sheer power and ferocity.

Foreign hunting specialist perfectly times its attack to catch a large mole rat with Incredible stealth and Agility, thank you.

When grizzly bear and gray wolves, two of North America’s top predators, Collide over a meal, it turns into an epic battle where the winner takes it all.

In this case, the wolves come out Victorious.

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