All residents also believe that there is a human-headed snake appearing in this cave !!! –

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The cave of your death is a cave located in Pasuruan district.

There is a myth that developed in the community, namely a snake with a human head asking in the herbal cave.
Yes, everyone, even many, don’t believe in this myth.

but see the explanation of this video. According to Suliswanto, as chairman of the Pokdarwis, Gowa Jauh is a legacy passed down from generation to generation in Cendono Village, especially as a hideout for our warriors during the colonial period.

This cave contains extraordinary mystique, namely in this cave there is a snake with a human head.

However, this snake cannot be seen by ordinary humans and can only be seen by people who have the will to see it.

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Muah bye, toss. the snake is quite large and has a human head.

Therefore this run is called the incarnate snake,

so that is what made the ancients add it to gua jalmo or from the word incarnate, namely the incarnate snake.

The cave of your death is located under a farm, grass, elephants and around it are trees with lots of roots and have Curug or waterfall.

At the same time the cave is precisely on the edge of the rocks.

Because it is unique, this place is then visited by many people and for the last three years the place has been visited by more and more tourists.

This location is a tourist spot in the village.

We have walked for the last three years for the fruit itself to be about two meters long and wide and one and a half meters high when it enters the pan.

The mall has a passage leading to the waterfall with a hole length of about four meters, while the height and width are only one meter each.

Early caves around the form of rock.

On the upper surface,

there is water seepage to get inside safely, explained Doni, a member of the Pokdarwis and youth from the local village.

In the tourist area there is a kind of small cave which is also said to be an icon.

Previously, the location of the cave was a place to ask questions to the division, which was quite unique, so visitors could use it

As a photo spot around the cave.

even many who often or have seen the appearance of the incarnation of a snake attracting it.

The snake has a vision, a human head.

Whether it’s just a story or a real incident, but it is the most popular story.

Tried Gowa jalmo Hai touching Hai.

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